Shed Some Skin, Show Some Skin

Getting your spring-to-summer glow on is easy with our Body Renewal ritual. First, you’ll dry brush to shed dull, dead skin and boost circulation. Next, you’ll practice lymphatic drainage massage to help tone your body and soothe your mind. Ready? Let’s get glowing!



Dry brushing is one of my favorite multi-purpose treatments,” Gigi says. “When you get rid of that layer of dead skin, light can reflect better and you’ll have a natural glow. Dry brushing always gives me an energy boost too, which is why I like doing this ritual in the morning.”

Grab your Body Brush and start with completely dry skin, before a bath or shower. Using gentle but firm pressurealways move toward your heart to help stimulate circulation. 5-7 strokes per area is all you need!

• Feet & lower legs: Brush the tops of your feet to your ankles, then brush from the front of your ankles to your knees. Now move to the back of your legs and brush from ankles to knees. It may be helpful to restone leg on a bench or the side of your bathtub.
• Thighs: Brush from your knees to your pelvis area, on each leg.  Start with the front of your legs (the quad area) and move the back of your legs (the hamstring area).
 Abdomen: Gently brush in circular motions to help promote digestion and lymph flow.
• Arms: Brush each arm in upward strokes, moving from your wrist to the inside of your elbow, up to your armpits. 
• Abdomen: Move to your abdomen again and repeat the gentle circular brushes.



You might be surprised at how much dead skin comes off, especially if your skin was dry over the winter. Hop in the shower to rinse it away, then gently pat dry and seal in moisture with body oil. It’s key to use only clean, natural oils after dry brushingnothing that will irritate freshly exfoliated skin.

I like to blend our Organic Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil together in my hands and apply while my skin is still slightly damp,” Gigi says. “These oils are both super-replenishing and naturally anti-inflammatory, with essential fatty acids that nourish your skin.”


Regular lymphatic drainage massage—along with a healthy diet, mindful movement and lots of self-love—are my keys for a healthy and toned body,” Gigi says. To start,grab your Massage Tool and awaken your lymphatic system by pumping the two major lymph nodes in your body. Pump the back of your knees and underneath your armpits 5 times each for optimal detoxifying results. 

Front of legs:
• Holding the tool in a horizontal position, start at your ankle and gently stroke in an upward motion toward your inner thigh. Repeat 3-7 times per leg. 
• Holding the tool in a vertical position, gently stroke in an upward motion toward your outer thigh. Repeat 3-7 times per leg.


Back of legs:
• Massage the back of your legs by holding the tool in a vertical position. 
• We recommend using a stepstool or a chair to help you easily reach the back of your knees, as you stroke in an upward motion until you reach the gluteal fold.


• Massage your arms by holding the tool in a vertical position, practicing smooth and gentle strokes as you glide the tool from your inner wrist to your armpit. Repeat this motion on the outer parts of your arm. Repeat 3-7 times on each arm. 


We recommend doing your Body Renewal ritual 1-2 times per week to maintain fresh, glowing skin and keep your lymphatic flow moving. It’s the perfect way to show yourself some self-love this spring, summer and beyond!


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