De La Heart is a Miami-based lifestyle brand created by Giordana “Gigi” Vogel that offers a curation of content and products that nod to beauty, wellness, and style. It was first introduced in the fall of 2015 as an expression of Gigi’s passion towards health, fitness, and fashion. de la heart is a place where our readers can feel safe, connected, and inspired by all of Gigi’s suggestions, recommendations, and best-kept secrets. We believe love is all there is, for that reason we will never recommend something that we don’t love. Embark with us on this journey through health, love, and happiness.


Giordana Spadei Vogel was born in Colombia and raised in Miami. Educated by South Florida’s prestigious Palmer Trinity School and Florida International University, Gigi's career started in the rough-and-tumble fashion realm. At age 18, Vogel continued her studies in fashion in Florence, Italy and started her career in high-end retail between Miami and NYC. And while Gigi majored in finance and international business, she has always been driven by her creative side, — gravitating towards the arts, lifestyle and culture. While consulting for upcoming Colombian fashion designers, she started contributing to the fast-growing health and wellness community in Miami through her personal IG and Snapchat accounts. de la heart was born in Tulum, Mexico as a home to all of Gigi’s passions, suggestions, and recommendations hoping to become the place to learn and share about all things beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness. 
De La Heart invites you to embark on the oftentimes confusing yet positively spectacular journey through health, love and happiness.