De La Heart was founded with a mission to share love and promote wellness through accessible rituals. In 2017, the founder, Gigi Vogel, sought to balance her corporate career with a healthier lifestyle and began her mindful living and wellness journey. She shared her insights and discoveries on a blog, which soon became popular and attracted a supportive community seeking approachable wellness.

In 2018, Gigi discovered the transformative power of lymphatic drainage. Drawing inspiration from her ancestral beauty secrets and community insights, she developed The Body Tool -a simple yet effective tool to bring the traditional lymphatic drainage ritual into homes. This innovation marked a turning point for De La Heart, and Gigi. As a lifelong learner, she continued to explore and test products and rituals, bringing the best to her audience.

Based on the principles of wellness, mindfulness, lymphatic health, high performance, and healthy aging De La Heart continues its dedication to making wellness accessible to more people and promoting a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Our mission is to support women’s well-being and help them feel their best. By reimagining wellness practices and developing approachable rituals and products, DLH enables uncomplicated and flexible solutions for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


  • 2017

    The De La Heart blog is born as a safe and welcoming space for Gigi to document her self-care journey and share her wellness rituals with others, as she makes the switch from a high-stress corporate role to a more mindful way of life.

  • 2018

    As Gigi’s following grows, she becomes a sought-after expert in the Miami health and wellness community. She contributes to several different publications to share her personal self-care rituals, based on modern research and ancestral traditions.

  • 2019

    Inspired by her mother, Gigi rediscovers the healing benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. She invents The Body Tool, along with four 100% natural body oils and creams, so that everyone can perform their own self-care ritual in the comfort of home.

  • 2020

    De La Heart keeps growing and glowing, expanding into a complete collection of 15 products. The line garners numerous awards and rave reviews from publications including Vogue, New Beauty and more.

  • 2021

    With people placing
    more emphasis on at-home self-care, De La Heart continues to grow at a rapid rate. Fitness and wellness guru Melissa Wood-Tepperberg shares her love for The Body Tool, and DLH expands into Anthropologie and other retailers.

  • 2022

    Gigi begins working with her lab on five new clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare formulas. The wide-brim visor becomes a cult-favorite with the fashion and wellness community for its chic style and instant sun protection.

  • 2023

    Another year goes by
    in a flash, filled with new product development, daily wellness rituals for mind and body, and much-needed time spent with family and friends. Gigi continues to bring balance to her life through self-care.


    We keep dreaming and innovating so we can bring you even more even tools and products to help you live your best life. Come along for the journey!