De La Heart was founded with a mission to share love and promote wellness through accessible rituals. In 2017, the founder, Gigi Vogel, sought to balance her corporate career with a healthier lifestyle and began her mindful living and wellness journey. She shared her insights and discoveries on a blog, which soon became popular and attracted a supportive community seeking approachable wellness.

In 2018, Gigi discovered the transformative power of lymphatic drainage. Drawing inspiration from her ancestral beauty secrets and community insights, she developed The Body Tool -a simple yet effective tool to bring the traditional lymphatic drainage ritual into homes. This innovation marked a turning point for De La Heart, and Gigi. As a lifelong learner, she continued to explore and test products and rituals, bringing the best to her audience.

Based on the principles of wellness, mindfulness, lymphatic health, high performance, and healthy aging De La Heart continues its dedication to making wellness accessible to more people and promoting a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Our mission is to support women’s well-being and help them feel their best. By reimagining wellness practices and developing approachable rituals and products, DLH enables uncomplicated and flexible solutions for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Join our journey!