Known to her community as Gigi, Giordana Vogel founded De La Heart so she could share her ancestral wellness rituals and help everyone discover the transformative power of self-care.

Born in Colombia and raised in Miami, FL, Gigi started her career in the rough-and-tumble world of fashion, finance and international business. After years of this fast-paced and high-stress lifestyle took its toll, Gigi started looking for natural and accessible ways to restore balance to her daily life.

A lifelong learner and a true believer in the value of education, Gigi took the first steps on her personal wellness journey. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, researched different approaches to holistic wellness, and started practicing the healing rituals she learned from her mother. One of those rituals was traditional Colombian maderoterapia, a time-honored practice that uses wooden tools to massage the body and center the mind.

After years of refining her unique approach to wellness, Gigi realized her calling: to share the power of self-care with others. Through social media, she opened her heart and mind to her followers. She shared simple, accessible and effective daily rituals that combined ancestral healing traditions with modern wellness methods. She quickly became the “go-to” source for all things health, wellness and natural beauty in her Miami community.

The next step was natural: Gigi started developing the De La Heart bodycare line, so her followers could take their well-being into their own hands—and hearts.

“I want to teach women that true beauty lies within and when we’re able to connect with that, then we can go about our outer beauty with compassion and self-love.”