Giordana Vogel, better known by her community as Gigi, is the heart and soul behind De La Heart. Colombia native raised in Miami, FL, she is known as the number one source for all things health, wellness, and natural beauty.

Gigi's career started in the rough-and-tumble fashion realm, finance, and international business. After years of paying a fast-paced industry's high emotional and physical toll, Gigi looked for accessible and natural alternative practices to restore balance in her daily life. She started a journey of discovery, exploring natural health alternatives and innovative wellness rituals.

A lifelong learner and a true believer in the value of knowledge and education, Gigi started to dive deep into different theories and wellness approaches. She studied to be a health coach at the IIN, first-hand experienced the magical benefits of a plant-based diet, and researched various holistic wellness rituals that interconnect mind and body.

Following many years of self-experimentation and researching the best healing tools for her lifestyle, Gigi realized that it was her calling to unveil her best-kept secrets with her local community. As the caring soul she is, Gigi generously cultivated and shared all her knowledge with Miami's fast-growing health and wellness community through her social media accounts to demystify complexities and honor simple, accessible, and effective rituals. She rapidly became the “go-to” source for a fast-growing community that loved her approachable discoveries.

Soon after, and as a natural evolution of this journey, Gigi started developing the DLH product line using her knowledge, philosophy, and her community’s insights as a guidepost. De La Heart was born out of Gigi´s open heart and desire to democratize uplifting approachable wellness rituals to enhance every woman’s well-being.