Your Sexiest Summer Yet

Hello, my natural beauties! Now that travel restrictions are being lifted & curfews are no longer a thing in most cities, many of us are getting ready to flaunt the vacation outfits that had to take a raincheck during last year's lockdown. We know you're prepared to get out there, but are your legs ready? Maybe you're a local Miamian looking to lay low at the beach, or you're taking a trip to a luxurious, tropical island to sip fruity drinks with your lover. Whatever your plans are, I want you to feel sexy & ready to take on the world. Here are my best tried & true tips on how to get those gorgeous legs of yours prepared in time for vacation:
For silky smooth legs:
The Body Brush by de la heart
Say goodbye to dry & flaky skin. It's not welcome on this vacation! Exfoliate dead skin cells with the help of this gentle; natural boars bristle brush. Its size makes the perfect travel companion. Extra brownie points if you use a little beach sand to do a gentle pre-exfoliation before your dry brushing ritual.
For toned & sculpted legs:
Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool by de la heart
Our tool's unique shape hugs every curve of your body to drain the lymphatic system successfully, leaving behind beautiful smooth legs that will be sure to turn heads wherever you strut in. It doesn't end there, this beauty tool does not only help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it also keeps your energy lively by moving stagnant lymph throughout the body. Double the benefit, double the fun.
For legs that need a little R&R:
Bath Therapy for an Open Heart by de la heart
Soaking in a hot bath helps the body sweat out toxins & takes the mind into parasympathetic mode (gets you ready to rest & relax). If you don't have a bathtub, don't worry! You can still enjoy the benefits of mineral soak therapy by taking a foot bath. Grab a bucket with hot water comfortable to the touch, and add a handful of our soak into the water. Sit on a comfy chair and dip your feet into our mineral soak for 15-20 minutes. Sip your favorite tea to keep things zen, or reach for a book to disconnect, to reconnect. We like to use our Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool to continue depuffing the body post soak.
For Sexy Summer legs:
Body Oil Bundle by de la heart
We think you're sexy as you are, but if we can give you the tools to make you feel empowered, we're here for it. Sexy legs are luminous, silky, & soft to the touch & our Body Oil Bundle is the perfect way to naturally assist collagen production in the skin. We guarantee it'll keep you glowing from head to toe wherever you go.
Now that you have your tools for success, what outfits are you planning to wear to show off those sexy summer legs? Tell me! I want to know. Comment below or tag us @delaheart #selfloveclub for a chance to be featured on our IG.
With love & natural beauty,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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