Body Talk: How Deep Should I Go? (Hint - Less is More!)

What is the right pressure to apply when performing my lymphatic drainage massage using DLH’s Body Massage Tool?
I get this question a few times a day, so it’s about time we break it down! The fluid that flows naturally through your delicate lymph vessels doesn't require more than a light, gravitational pressure to stimulate and get things moving. Pushing too deep can cause bruising or soreness and doesn’t necessarily mean better results.
Unlike our circulatory system, the lymphatic system flows in one direction against gravity. The massage simply encourages the flow of lymph (fluid) to assist the body's natural cleansing ability. Therefore, you don't need to use heavy pressure. Your vessels and tissue are delicate, so you want to be sure to approach your massage from a place of self-love and ritual. Pushing or pressing the tool too hard or deep against your skin could cause bruising or soreness, hindering the detoxification process. Using gentle pressure is enough to get the lymph moving naturally, and after about 10 minutes or so, you will start to notice and feel the difference.
To see and feel these fantastic benefits, the best thing you can do for your body is to maintain a consistent regimen, ideally 3-5xs a week, of dry brushing followed by lymphatic drainage massage. The dry brush exfoliates your skin and wakes up the circulatory system, providing the perfect prep for the massage. The Body Massage Tool coupled with body oil or our Lift & Tone firming cream work beautifully together to sculpt and move toxins along in the body, providing a lasting detox effect and continued wellness.
How To: 
Step 1 Dry Brush: Gently exfoliate dry skin cells and wake up the body by driving soft, upward strokes from toes to knees, then continuing from knees to the groin, motioning toward your inner thigh. Continue up from torso to heart, then from wrists to elbows to shoulders. Focus on moving the lymph toward the lymph nodes and heart, see our Lymph Drainage Map here as a guide. All you need are 3-5 soft strokes for each section, but feel free to work yourself up to 7 for an extra invigorating feeling, shower when finished.   
Step 2 The Body Tool: After moisturizing with your favorite lotion or body oil, I love using the Sweet Almond Oil. With your hand, gently apply pressure to your lymph nodes by pumping behind the knees, under the arms, and groin area anywhere from 5-10 times to activate the lymphatic system. Take the body tool and apply gentle pressure in upward strokes from feet to ankles to knees to thighs - focusing on pushing the fluid toward the groin area. Then using long, graceful strokes, motion the tool from the torso up to the heart and again from wrists to elbows to shoulders to move the lymph along.
Step 3 Hydrate: Be sure to drink a tall glass of water after each massage to help flush out toxins. 
Consistency in wellness rituals is what I believe brings longevity and overall wellbeing. It is our hope that the education and techniques we share can help guide you along this beautiful journey we are all on.
*Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any at-home massage or skincare regimen to ensure these techniques are right for you.
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