The De La Heart 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifting is a human tradition created to show love & recognition towards another human being. A gift can transcend time, create an everlasting memory, provide deep nourishment and overflowing self-love, or simply awaken our playful side and remind us to stay hopeful. 

We've made meaningful gifting easy this season by creating a DLH gift guide just for you.  Whether you're looking for loved ones or yourself, we hope this array of indulgences and experiences offers inspired ways to feed the senses, stimulate the soul, and encourage a journey of exploration. 

Remember, the intention is everything!

 - Home Gym Essentials by Bala Bangles: For the workout junkie in your life-Elevate their home workout routine with the most chic home gym essentials on the market. For yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, traveling, home workouts, core training... You name it! Bala Bangles are made of the highest quality fitness materials and come in a range of colors.

- Sakara Metabolism Super Powder: This cacao-infused nutritional powder is my go-to. Addressing symptoms like bloat, fatigue, cravings, and uneven blood sugar. It's delicious, effective, and can be added to coffee and smoothies.

- Liforme Yoga Mat: Whether your buying for the beginner or advanced yogi, this grippy natural rubber mat comes with markers to help guide yogis of all shapes and sizes into the perfect posture. Great for both yoga and at home work-outs. 

- Live Ultimate Shrooms: A luxe, organic blend of eight high-performing mushrooms that promises to sharpen focus, strengthen immunity and balance the body—all in one scoop a day. 

- Clearlight Infrared Sauna: We’re big believers in the benefits of regular sweat sessions and this infrared sauna is a one-stop shop for detoxing the body and mind. It's roomy enough to fit two and comes with an ergonomic backrest which makes it easy to lounge in.

- Vital Tonics CBD Face MaskFace masks are a small luxury that help us relax while creating a lasting glow. I love the these face masks because they contain CBD as an ingredient to bring even more zen and brighten up your face.

- VortexPlus Air Fryer: Putting a healthy spin on the holidays for the foodie in your life. This sleek countertop kitchen appliance gives you healthier indulgent alternatives with little to no oil.

De La Heart's Lymphatic Drainage Tool: Every wellness junkie needs this in their life, period! Our best-selling body tool will give create a spa-like experience at home. It takes your self-massage game to the next level, while encouraging your body's natural detox process and helping to keep skin smooth, firm, and tight.

 - Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: Drink your way to glowing skin. This vitamin packed powder supports healthy hair, nails, skin and joints with hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C. Add it into any morning beverage as part of your healthy morning ritual.

 - Year Of Ours Ribbed Biker Shorts: Sleek and contoured biker shorts that feel like you’re wearing nothing. Perfect for a work out, on the go, or dress it up for date night.

- Gem Water Crystal Straw: You know what they say, everything tastes better through a crystal straw. Eliminate plastic waste with this one of a kind heart-opening, calming rose quartz straw.

Goop x Heretic 'This Candle Smells Like My Vagina': The infamous candle created in collaboration with goop is a funny, sexy and beautifully unexpected scent.

- De La Heart Bath Therapy: This bath therapy was formulated for those seeking to heal the body & quiet the mind. It’s mineralzing, hydrating and heart opening. A perfect ritual for post workout recovery and for those seeking a moment of “ me “ time.

- Breath by James Nestor: I love to give books as gifts because I can write a personal note on the inside cover. It's the perfect spot to let the person you bought it for know why this book made you think of them, what you hope it'll bring them, etc. 

Melissa Wood Health Membership: Melissa Wood offers accessible workouts that help you connect to your core and leave you feeling empowered. It's a gift that keeps giving and one that can seriously boost your self-esteem.  

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