Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Whether it's a holiday, a special milestone, or a birthday, there is nothing I love more than celebrating the people in my life. Everyone deserves to feel appreciated! When it comes to gifts, I have a special rule of thumb. They are never about the dollar amount, but rather, the intention behind why I chose the gift itself.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to embrace that idea of intention. When choosing something special for someone in my life, I like to think about what I want my loved one to feel when they use my gift. What emotion do I want to evoke? Inspiration? Strength? Comfort? Joy?

I've curated a Mother's Day Gift Guide to assist while keeping quarantine and our de la heart values in mind. While at home, all of us mamas could use a little more wellness and self-care! Browse the guide and get inspired:

-De La Heart's Lymphatic Drainage Tool: Every mom needs this in her life, period! Our best-selling body tool will give your mom the opportunity to create a spa-like experience at home. It takes your self-massage game to the next level, while encouraging your body's natural detox process and helping to keep skin smooth, firm, and tight.
-De La Heart's Jade Gua Sha: If your mom hasn't been introduced to the gua sha game just yet, now is the time. Just named as "The Best Gua Sha Tool" in the 2020 NewBeauty Awards, our sleek Jade Gua Sha facial tool stimulates the skin to promote anti-aging, boost collagen production, and reduce puffiness. Bring your mom's beauty cabinet up to 2020 standards with a gua sha facial tool!
-De La Heart's Bian Stone Gua Sha: This bad boy means business. Your mom can anticipate both immediate and cumulative results over time with our effective Bian Stone Gua Sha.  Known for its rejuvenating properties, Bian stone  is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays, and negative ions as a result of the cosmic impact — all of which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects on cells and DNA.
-Melissa Wood Health Membership: Melissa Wood offers accessible workouts that help you connect to your core and leave you feeling empowered. It's a gift that keeps giving and one that can seriously boost your self-esteem. My mom loves joining me for a #MWH video, and there's no doubt your mom will too. 
-Liforme Yoga Mat: Every yogi remembers their very first yoga mat. There is something sacred about rolling out your very own yoga mat and coming back to it again and again. If your mom doesn't have one already, it'll make for the most thoughtful gift. This one is perfect for those new and seasoned in the yoga practice as it offers subtle, yet vital alignment marks.
- Caraluce Floral Design: Who doesn't love gorgeous fresh flowers? You can't go wrong with a beautiful floral arrangement, and this local company offers stunning options as well as delivery. Support a local business while giving your mom something fresh to admire while at home.
-Bala Bangle Weights: Elevate your mama's home workout routine with the most chic ankle weights on the market.  For yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, traveling, home workouts, core training... You name it! Bala Bangles are made of the highest quality fitness materials and come in a range of colors. Might we recommend pairing this with a Melissa Wood Health Membership?
-Taja Collection Custom Candles: Another local brand that makes for an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift. Write mom a custom message, engrave your family's last name, the possibilities are endless. I have these all around my house and can vouch that they're the best! Plus, you get to keep the sleek vase to use for whatever you'd like once it's been burned through. Don't rush - they smell amazing.
-Electric and Rose Tie Dye Workout Set Each piece is made in the USA and hand dyed so every detail is a little unique and one-of-a-kind. This is the perfect set for lounging at home, yoga, your favorite hike, pilates, and beyond. The color options are gorgeous, and you'll definitely find one to suit your mom's athleisure look.
-Vitruvi Diffuser: A gift mom is guaranteed to love, Vitruvi's diffusers are simply gorgeous pieces that'll go with most interior design scheme. Your mom will discover the joy behind using simple, natural ways to incorporate essential oils into her daily rituals.
-Gabby Bernstein's Super Attractor Book: I love to give books as gifts because I can write a personal note on the inside cover. It's the perfect spot to let your mom know why this book made you think of them, what you hope it'll bring them, etc. While we're spending more time at home, your mom will be moved by Gabby's inspiring, yet gentle guidance.
- Vivélo Bicycle: A premium bicycle brand with European roots, Vivélo manufactures high quality, handcrafted bicycles right here in Wynwood! Your mom will be floored by their unique bicycles and appreciate that each comes with a five year warranty. These bikes are made to last and you can be confident your mom's bike will be as unique and beautiful as herself.
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