Self-Care At Every Age: Skin Brushing

Your ritual for glowing skin with our Facial Dry Brush

 At de la heart, we don’t believe beauty has an age limit. Need proof? Look no further than my beautiful mother—that’s her above! We do believe in self-care at every stage of life. My mother taught me from the time I was a young girl that it’s essential to care for your body, mind and soul. In that spirit, I wanted to kick off our Self-Care At Every Age series. We’re starting with a topic that pretty much everyone is obsessed with, and that’s healthy and glowing skin. Let’s glow, fam!

The secret to glowing skin at every age:

Kick-start your skin’s exfoliation process

Our skin cells shed naturally, but as we age, the process slows down. The numbers are actually fascinating! When you’re a baby, your skin renews itself every 14 days. When you’re a teenager it takes about 28 days for skin cells to shed, and adults’ skin can take up to 42 days. But when you reach age 50 and up, your skin’s renewal process can take as long as 84 days.

So, it’s clear that helping your skin renewal process along is key… but you need to do it carefully. Why? In addition to not renewing as quickly, mature skin tends to be thinner and more fragile, due to the natural loss of collagen and elastin. Harsh and aggressive acid exfoliators can actually damage your skin barrier and make things worse, not better.

A gentle, effective and time-honored way to kick-start your skin’s natural cycle of renewal is dry brushing. Known as Garshana, which translates to “friction”, dry brushing is an Ayurvedic practice that encourages lymphatic drainage, stimulates your body’s natural detox flow, and gently exfoliates skin’s surface to reveal fresh radiant skin underneath. Many people already practice dry brushing on their body, but don’t realize how beneficial it is for you face. The key is to choose the right brush!

Dry brushes for your body, like our Body Brush, have stiffer bristles to accommodate the skin on your body. But our Facial Dry Brush has softer, ultra-flexible bristles that we created especially for the more delicate skin on your face. Starting your facial dry brushing ritual couldn’t be easier.

First, skin needs to be completely clean and dry. My mom and I both like to do our facial dry brushing ritual in the morning, before the rest of our skincare routine, because it has the added benefit of getting your lymph fluid moving and helping to reduce puffiness. Just move your brush in soft upward motions over your face, starting in the center. It only takes a few minutes to do you whole face! The gentle friction helps to slough off dead skin cells and also gets your circulation going, so skin looks more radiant. Make it a habit to dry brush your face daily and you’ll notice that your skin will starts to look healthier and more even.

Bonus: your skincare products sink in better, too!

xo, Gigi 

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