My Pregnancy Rituals for Healthy Lymph Health

Happy Self Love Sunday, my beauties! I am writing to you with a tall glass of green juice by my side as I reminisce on the last 6 months of this pregnancy. As I always say, it is essential not to compare our bodies; everyone is uniquely beautiful, and growing a life inside of you is a blessing, so we must stay kind to ourselves. But, being that I have had two uniquely beautiful journeys when it comes to bearing children, I wanted to share what has worked for me, mainly regarding incorporating lymph health & pregnancy.
With my little Shiva, I was a brand new mommy. I read all the books, worked with all the experts & tried all the things to ensure that this experience was positive for her grand entrance into the world. I have simplified these practices with my son and discovered new rituals that have also helped me in much more cost-effective and straightforward styles. Always consult with your healthcare provider, & whatever you decide to do, remember to choose intuitively for you & baby first. Not everything will work for everyone, & that is okay.
With that said, here are the top 4 rituals I have been non negotiably practicing during the last 6 months of this journey.
  1. Keeping it alkaline: Warm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice alkalinizes the water & balances our body's PH. This ritual is essential for mamas that may find themselves constantly getting yeast infections or bacterial issues in the vwonderland. Citrus also greatly helps lymphatic health, so if you're not feeling lemon juice, try grapefruit, orange, or a splash of lime.
  2. Low impact, daily movement: I credit my daily movement practices for my strength during my entire pregnancy. I choose low-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, or a brisk walk because they feel best in my body. It has also helped me bounce forward post-baby by being very mindful with how I move my body in the fourth trimester. These type of workouts work wonderfully in releasing stagnant energy in the body that may make you feel puffy. 
  3. Dry brushing: We searched high & low for the perfect body brush. I knew this would become a must-have essential for all the momma's out there experiencing lack of circulation, inflammation, & heaviness in the bottom body after carrying their beautiful babies all day long in their belly. I use the Body Brush everywhere in my body, due to its soft nature. It's the perfect pregnancy staple, especially for those of us experiencing lots of water retention.
  4. Stay in flow: We don't call The Body Massage Tool  our hero product for nothing. This tool is my best friend at all stages of my life, but lately, it's been saving my butt (no pun intended) when it comes to the heaviness in my legs & breasts as my body gets ready to give birth. Its unique design makes it perfect for at-home massage.
So there you go, sweet & simple.
With love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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