Gigi's Pregnancy Essentials

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences life can offer, but pregnancy can be challenging at times. The journey is filled with immense sacrifice and courage. It tests you physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are moments where you doubt yourself and your ability to endure the challenging waves, which is why every mama-to-be needs the right pregnancy essentials.
When you're equipped with helpful tools, you'll feel so much more relaxed and at ease. Below, find my personal list that kept me going, even during the tougher days. Not included: my amazing support system! Remember to keep them close during this special time in your life, and let them know how much you appreciate their love and care.
Gigi's Pregnancy Essentials
-David Lerner Pregnancy Leggings: I literally wore these 4x a week throughout my pregnancy. Dress them up or down to feel and look your best. #StyleTheBump
-De La Heart's Lymphatic Drainage Tool: Our best-selling body tool feels especially wonderful when you're pregnancy. I use it to combat water retention and swelling, flush out toxins, contour my legs... the list is endless. This item is really just part of #Gigi'sEssentials, pregnant or not.
-De La Heart's Organic Grow & Glow Kit: I applied this combo twice a day on my belly, boobs, and thighs to prevent stretch marks. And I didn’t get any!
-Pregnancy Body Pillow: This one is often debated, but I totally bought into the hype. One of these will become your ultimate sleep solution, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Find an organic one on Amazon, and be aware: you might find it on hubby's side of the bed!
-Doterra Peppermint Oil: A total life saver during the first trimester to naturally ease nausea and headaches. Apply it on your hands, behind your neck, temples, and bottom of your feet. The cooling sensation always did the trick to relax me and calm my nerves.
-Prenatal Vitamins, Collagen, & Probiotics: All of mine were by Garden of Life, but do your own research and ask your doctor for personal recommendations. Know what you're looking for in each product, don't just blindly go with anything you find online or in store. Give you and your baby the proper nourishment you both deserve. 
-Gem Water Love Water Bottle: Mama needs her ounces! This is the cutest water bottle that will make it easy to stay hydrated. Aside from being totally gorgeous, it keeps water super cold and the lid seals tightly. 
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