Women are getting RICH

The new wellness trend is wealth. There is a current tsunami of wealth being transferred from men to women in the US. With 40% of US businesses now owned by women, it is time we start embracing financial well-being as part of our definition of overall well-being. 

Being stressed about money impacts your day-to-day engagement at work and spills into negative health effects. Imagine if every time you thought about money you felt deep calm, clarity, and confidence instead of making us cringe. Financial wellness gauges your ability to manage your current finances in order to own your life and prepare for the future. Money gives us the freedom to take actions to achieve our goals. The key is to take action and use a system to help you stay consistent in managing your money every month, and making sure you’re covering your expenses, being responsible by saving for tomorrow, and giving yourself some room to enjoy life today!

Talking about money with friends and coworkers has been a longtime social taboo. Yet the most powerful tool for influencing one another is through authentic storytelling. With women sharing their financial stories, we can undoubtedly learn from each other and start moving this topic from taboo to urgent. If you’d like to know more about my financial journey, stay tuned this month, as I will be sharing my own financial story—successes, learnings, and mistakes. 

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