Why I Started Drinking Celery Juice

Exactly a month ago I went in for my annual Pap smear. I wish we could skip that part, but for the purpose of this post, we can’t. Appointment went fine—you know, routine check-up. A week later I received a call from my doctor saying they had found “abnormal cells” and that I had to go back in for further testing. Oh wow. I’ve never had a “bad” Pap before! My heart dropped. I went ahead to schedule my next appointment and ran to find my laptop. Friends…I’m a recovering hypochondriac so bet $100 that I went straight to WebMD.com.  To find that abnormal cells=inflammation= pre-cancer. Ugh!
Lesson #1: Don’t google your symptoms. Lesson #2: Don’t WebMD. 
My next Google search was “anti-inflammatory foods that cure cancer”. I know what you’re thinking. "She’s crazy!” Aren’t we all? I searched the web and all over social media, and stumbled upon Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium. I had seen a few people repost his stuff before, but I had no idea who he was. I ordered all his books and ran an intensive background check on the guy. William believes food has healing powers and so do I. If like me, you haven’t heard about him…he’s responsible for making celery juice a “thing”.
After reading his book “Life-Changing Foods” I learned that celery juice was actually highly beneficial to inflammation/cancer cells in the reproductive system. Williams is big on reproductive system health and fertility.  Remember, this whole time I think I have cancer. 
I started drinking it every morning on an empty stomach, and several times a day. Pounds and pounds of celery later--my test results came back negative. I’m perfectly healthy and we have nothing to worry about. Just a simple inflammation that apparently is very common in women. Phew! 
Exactly15 days later of daily celery juice—I feel GREAT! My skin is clear and glowing, my digestive system is detoxing and working to perfection, I have extra energy, I’ve had zero sugar cravings, and all I crave is more and more celery!

Some of the known benefits of celery:
-Helps good bacteria thrive. 
-Starves unproductive bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus—pathogens that are the underlying cause of inflammation. 
-Most powerful way to alkalize the gut. 
-Offers enzymes and coenzymes.
-Raises hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that food digests with ease. 
-Improves kidney function
-Helps restore the adrenal glands. 
-Repairs your DNA. 
Lesson #3: Ladies, schedule your annual pap smear. Don’t pass it up. Early detection of something is key! 
With love, 
Gigi x
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