10 Ways to #WFH with Success

Ah, work-from-home. It might sound like an absolute dream for those who've never really been given the opportunity. Whether or not you've been curious about the #WFH lifestyle, COVID-19 is pretty much forcing all of us to give it a try.

We're just a bit over one week in AND we're already starting to see a lot of opinions about going virtual! To the surprise of many, it isn't all fun and rainbows. Sure, being able to work in comfy clothes is a nice perk, but being so closed-off from our teams and the world in general can present its challenges.

Not knowing how much longer we'll be working under these circumstances might feel daunting. Shift your perspective and take it day-by-day with our 10 Ways to #WFH with Success.

1. Have set business"hours" and stick to them. Create a work schedule that you actually want to stick to. If that means you start at 10:30am on Wednesdays and Fridays, that's perfectly fine - just be consistent with your 9am start time on the other days of the week. Customize your start and end times as needed.

2. Get dressed, including your shoes. The key here is that you aren't staying in whatever you slept in the night before. It's totally fine if you want to opt for leggings and a comfy long sleeve, just make sure they're a fresh pair! On days you're feeling unmotivated, a little mascara might do the trick.

3. Plan out your Big Three. Don't just start going through inbox to-do items or mindlessly browsing. Start your day by prioritizing the Big Three most important tasks you need to accomplish by your closing hours. You can also make this list the evening before.

4. Have a dedicated space to work in, and LOVE it. You might not have the physical space or means to buy a desk and setup a new home office. It's totally okay, think of each morning as a ritual. Instead of commuting, spend that time setting up a space at the kitchen table. Add a nice candle or any touch that brings beauty and calm to your new work space.

5. Take a real lunch break. You've probably heard this one before at the office. Make it a point to actually stand up, walk away from your desk, and enjoy your lunch elsewhere. 30 minutes, or a full hour if you can. It's not just great for your mental well-being, it's better for digestion as well!

6. Minimize distractions. We all have smart phones, partners, kids, pets... so this one definitely isn't easy! Do what you can, and don't be shy about asking for help. Maybe ask hubby to take the dogs for a long walk so you can tackle one big to-do item. Or choose to work in a room with no television. Small, but mighty changes.

7. Spend 50 minutes in the zone, then 10 minutes on break. The idea is to spend a stretch of time hyper-focused and in get sh*t done mode, followed by a short period of rest. Sort of like a workout! This specific time ratio has been proven to boost productivity, but see what works best for you.

8. Airplane mode the phone. Although we'd like to think we're disciplined, it's easy to randomly find ourselves scrolling on IG in the middle of the work day. There are all kinds of fancy tracking apps, but those require using phones to begin with! We think it's best to simply turn the phone on airplane mode, or take it to another room while you grind. 

9. Stay connected. If you're feeling isolated these days, you aren't alone. Although we can't pop over to a coffee shop to work around other people, we can setup virtual coffee breaks with coworkers and friends. There are so many creative ways to connect with loved ones online, so make it a priority to get social any way that you prefer.

10. Bend the rules - just a bit. You've probably heard to never work on the couch or get chores done. We recommend a mindful and consistent approach to your routine, but also know bending the rules a bit is perfectly fine.
If you want to...
-Get a load of laundry done
-Bang out a proposal with a face mask on
-Take an online yoga class during your lunch break
...go for it!

Remember, #workingfromhome looks different for everyone...just like in the office, your best performance is going to be unique to your personality and skills. Give yourself some credit as you navigate the work-from-home lifestyle, and let us know in the comments if you have any other tips!

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