The Ultimate Detox

Enhance the release of toxins naturally from head to toe with our must-have DLH lymphatic drainage tools. This detox regimen improves circulation, rejuvenates skin, & detoxifies through the body's largest organ. It can be done at any time of the day, be sure to commit to being in tune with your body and mind away from anything else.
With Love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team

The DLH Detox Protocol

  1. Sculpt & detoxify the facial muscles with a gua sha facial massage using our White Jade Gua Sha.
  2. Stimulate the circulatory system and sweep away dry skin using The Body Brush.
  3. Soak in our mineral Bath Therapy to remineralize the body & wind down the nervous system.
  4. End your ritual with a full body lymphatic drainage massage using The Body Massage Tool for optimal detoxifying benefits.
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