The Power In Stillness

At 27, I worked as a real estate agent in Miami Beach, thinking to be going to an "open house," I wrongfully knocked on the door of who became my first mediation teacher. I like to say I knocked on the "wrong door," but it was the only door I needed open at that time in my life.
The practice of meditation  gave me the awareness to observe my thoughts and feelings without judgment, instead of numbing or hiding from them. This experience brought me a different perspective, compassion for others and myself, and loving awareness of the present moment. The mind is simply another muscle to be trained; it takes devotion and commitment. 
Like prayer, meditation comes from the intention within. It is one of my favorite self-care tools because it is a straightforward practice available to everyone. It's helped me heal my anxiety, increase clarity in my life, reduce stress, and increase joy by bringing me closer to the "what is" and away from the "what if."
When I first started this journey into meditation, it was hard for me to let go of my thoughts and focus simply on my breath.
Guided meditations became a gift in my every day life because it felt good to be led by someone else, even if it was virtually. In my search, I discovered one of my favorite meditation apps Insight Timer, and gurus like Davidji & Dr. Joe Dispensa.

With Love & Light, 
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