The Most Powerful Ritual to Ring in the New Year

2017 was all about workout dates, women empowerment, inspirational talks, and women's circles—all female gatherings that often involve rituals, intention setting, learning, and sharing. This year we found ourselves spending time with people we enjoy, and being selective with our energy, which is a profound aspect of self-care.
As we get closer to the New Year we start craving that sense of new beginnings. Gabi Torres, art therapist and local healer in Miami, put together a New Year’s ritual that celebrates female wisdom, friendship, and sets powerful intentions by engaging in ceremony. In this ritual we honor what has been. All the events, growth, change, loss, leaps. We spend a few hours in circle. Honoring ourselves and honoring others.
This form of ceremony it’s ancestral, it’s ancient. It’s a celebration of renewal for women, by women; a sacred time to reflect and set intentions for the year ahead.

So if you’re looking to ring in the New Year mindfully this year, here are 9 steps you can follow:

1. Call a few intimate friends or curate a group of women (max. 15 women) with whom you can be open and supportive.
2. Make a small altar in the shape of a circle with roses, crystals, candles, and everything you believe helps you hold sacred space.
3. Set the tone of your gathering. In this particular case—a sacred time to reflect on the year that passed and set intentions for the year ahead.
4. Be spontaneous. Listen and talk from the heart.
5. Say your Thank You’s. Thank the Universe for all that you’re grateful for in your life. You can speak this out loud, or write it down.
6. Say a prayer for your loved ones and for yourself. Send love away in many directions.
7. Give away and let go all that no longer serves you. You can speak this out loud or you can write this on a piece of paper to burn it.
8. Visualize and meditate on what you want to welcome in the New Year.
9. Have everyone bring something to eat or drink after the ceremony.

10. Cheer to the New Year!

Please note that women’s circles can be held anytime through the year. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and assertive 2018!!

from my heart,


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