Superfood Highlight: Sweetners

Hello, my beloved natural beauties! It is time we talk about sweeteners.
I am all about listening to my body and I think it's time we switched up the conversation from restriction to finding conscious substitutions. Don't you?
Sugar comes in all forms, shapes & sizes. Some of it can be beneficial to the body, and others not so much. After having Shiva, I've had to do some research & get creative in the kitchen to find ways of making sure we can still enjoy this joyous part of life without causing our body any stress.
  Below are some sugar substitutes to avoid & some to switch over to so you can still get your sugar fix most healthily:
de la heart sugar nay's:
Artificial Sweeteners: Sweet n' Low, Equal, and Splenda are just a few of the colorful packaged artificial sweeteners you can spot at the local coffee shop. These babies hide in almost any store-bought food. My advice? Make your food at home or read the packaging carefully. These kinds of sweeteners can cause an unbalanced microbiome, resulting in mood swings or a foggy mind.
Processed Cane Sugar or Syrups: Guys, this one is simple. If your food is processed, it has been altered & stripped of its benefits. Some processed sugars that will hide in plain sight in the store isles.
Turbinado Sugar & Brown Rice Syrup. Keep these out of your families' plates as they can be challenging to digest & cause inflammation in the body. 
de la heart sugar yay's:
Organic Honey: I love adding a little honey to sweet treats I enjoy with my family. But the most important part of consuming this delicious gift from nature is making sure that it is always organic & preferably raw. Honey also has anti-microbial properties making it a great medicine cabinet staple. Try to buy your Honey from a local farmer; it can help with allergies during high pollen seasons!
Organic Maple Syrup: This good-for-you sweeter contains minerals like zinc and inflammation fighting polyphenol antioxidants that are sourced straight from the maple tree sap. Keep in mind, the darker the maple syrup, the better because it contains higher amounts of antioxidants, 24 to be exact!
Organic Dates: Dates can be found almost at any store today. They have become incredibly popular to use during cooking. I love to add them to my smoothies and create syrups or sweet treats with them from home. They're an excellent option for consuming unprocessed sugar, as they are often consumed in their natural dried form to amp their sweetness. Eat them in moderation as they are still very much high in sugar!
Stevia In The Raw: This is probably one of my favorite ways of sweetening any food. Stevia is entirely sugar-free & carries the most authentic taste when it comes to resembling sugar. It is also low carb, making it an excellent option for adapting a keto/plant-based diet. Add this natural sweetener to your coffee, baked goods & sauces for a dose of delight.
Organic Coconut Sugar: A sweetener derived straight from the blossoms of the coconut tree, coconut sugar is high in inulin fiber which has been shown to help improve diabetic health, because it helps to slow the absorption of glucose and keeps blood sugar levels balanced.
What sweeteners do you use at home? Did this inspire you to switch to some healthier options? Let us know for a chance to be featured on our Instagram. Tag us @delaheart #selfloveclub.
With sweet love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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