Step Into Your Power

It’s a new month, a new year, and a new decade—but more importantly, it’s a new chapter that awaits on you. The winds of change are rolling in this year, and for some of you it’s an opportunity to turn the page and start fresh. That said, change is never easy and you’ll be expected to work harder than ever following the festive period. Stay strong and malleable, as this energy and optimism will help to brush aside any other challenges that 2020 has to offer. 

We’ve got more than a few opportunities to be awakened in 2020. We’re encouraged to be adaptable for the upcoming year, and now is the time to break free of archaic traditions and begin new ones. These transits are important times for you to learn how to protect yourself against external influences and manage others’ demands on you. As a natural caretaker, you’d rather not admit that you need time for yourself, but it’s essential for you to be your best-self. 

Together we’ll continue to seek out spiritual growth, pay attention to hidden messages and secrets that are revealed throughout the year, bringing a new awareness of where we can improve as individuals, leaders, mothers, & partners. Be the powerful force you are meant to be and step into your power this 2020!

with love and natural beauty,   
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