Self-Love Ritual for You, or Two!

Valentines Day is our favorite holiday at DLH because it reminds us of all the forms of love in the world. Let's celebrate by remembering the importance of self-love & recognition with one of our favorite self-care rituals, bath time. Bath Therapy for an Open Heart will help you find some "me" time or serve as the perfect romantic ritual for two.
Enjoy the benefits of your all-natural bath soak:
French grey sea salt & lavender buds will relax your nervous system; dry rose petals intensify the baths heart-opening energy. Coconut oil softens you & your sweetheart's skin.
Some de la heart tips to spice up your bath time:
  1. Pair your spa at home experience with your favorite non-toxic candles for a sensual glow. We love Heretic Parfum or Boy Smells for lux, non-toxic candles.
  2. Beat the heat! Stay sharp and hydrated post-bath with a refreshing glass of "spa water" by infusing your favorite fruits overnight in a large mason jar.
  3. Have a glass of something bubbly or pink nearby to continue the celebrations like Dom Pérignon or Miraval Rose.
  4. Disconnect to reconnect - to yourself or one another. Leave the electronics on "Do not disturb" for the rest of the night.
In love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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