Reconnect To Grow

We enter October coming from a place of balance and harmony. This month will bring a wide array of activities, feelings, and encounters—it will force you to remain in your center, to find your breath, and to empower yourself by not holding back. 

As we reconnect to grow, we can now harvest what came from the prior months, specially that strong Virgo energy from the earth that allows us to ground, to come to our root chakra and to plant our seeds to grow in this new energy of expansion. By letting yourself be in a grounding space of loving awareness you learn to trust the transformation.

We reconnect to our breath and breathe love into the expansion to avoid resistance to growth. We connect to our core to expand outward, giving us more space to be freer, allowing us to be in full activation mode. Taking advantage of this month’s Libra energy, in particular to our relationships and balance in life, we take inventory of our intentions, feelings, and actions aligning them with our bigger divine purpose. This month we work on the win win!  

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