Quarantine To Don't List

Read five books. Workout two times per day. Learn a new language or skill. Start that side hustle.

We’re seeing so much messaging that’s promoting the idea we keep things business as usual (or even overly ambitious) in the midst of these concerning times. However, many of us aren't in the position or mental space to go above and beyond in work, self-care, relationships, exercise routines, hobbies, etc., and never mind all at the same exact time.

Yes, definitely take advantage of spending time at home, and use that time well!

But don't pressure yourself to reinvent the wheel, eat 100% clean, or finally master a handstand. 

Here's our Quarantine To Don't List with a few friendly reminders while you namast'ay at home:

Don't Over Stress, Take Action: Between what you see on Instagram and watch on the news, we know the uncertainty can feel overwhelming (hello anxiety!). Instead of drowning yourself in media, do what you can. Take your multivitamins. Stock up on essentials, without hoarding. Drink enough water. Move your body.

Don't Forget to Be Grateful: If you haven't had hours cut or lost your job, there's a reason to be grateful. If either of those have happened, but you and your family are healthy, there's two reasons to be grateful. You might be tempted to spiral into negativity, but remember gratitude is the easiest way to combat that.

Don't Fight for Control: A lesson from Buddha: "The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself and let things take their own natural course." Take a step back. Breathe, trust, and surrender - Mother Nature has got this.

Don't Pressure Yourself to Eat or Move in a Strict Way: The Universe is giving us an opportunity to practice being open minded. You don't need to pressure yourself to stick to a certain eating lifestyle or workout for a specific amount of time per week. Now is a time to use our intuition and see what actually is best for us on a day to day basis. Rest when needed, move often, and eat the rainbow. 

Don't Abandon All Sense of Routine: Although we're saying don't pressure yourself, you shouldn't totally reinvent yourself and opt out of your usual lifestyle habits either. This isn't a free pass to Netflix all day and eat your way through your entire pantry. Everything in moderation!

Don't Make Work Your #1: Now is an awesome time to get your inbox to zero and catchup on work. But don't forget to unplug and disconnect - it'll be there tomorrow, and the day after that too. Get sh*t done, then spend some time with those you love.

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