No Bounce Back, Only Forward.

You must trust your body’s ability to bring your baby into this world. Within every birthing woman is a great reserve of ancient feminine strength and resilience, an innate understanding that your body is designed to do this. Giving birth requires an incredible amount of trust and surrender. Soon, she will no longer be just mine, she will be of this world. 

It took me almost 10 months to fully accept all the changes within my physical and inner self, and today I can say I will miss this belly. Though this body doesn’t look like my old body anymore, it now tells a story of who I am and what I have endured by creating life. Our pregnancy and postpartum bodies are just as beautiful, if not more so, than our bodies before. I’m here to accept and celebrate all transformations that happened within this body.

Physically, this is the biggest transformation of my life. My body shifted and expanded perfectly to grow and hold a baby. My hips expanded, my thighs, my breasts, even my organs were moved aside to create space for the growing fetus. The whole thing is mind blowing when you think about it.  

I keep hearing the “you’ll bounce back in no time”... only to realize today there is no bounce back. There is no going back, there is only forward and through. Lots of things have changed. I don’t even want my “old body” back, I celebrate it because it took me here, but today I embrace and accept this new body. The one that held beautiful space for my angel to grow and develop. We have done hard work here!

Let’s tap into the vibration of the new month, March, a month of powerful transformation. Pregnant or not, it's only through acceptance and surrender that we can break any old limiting structures holding us back. It is out of a space of self-love and courage that we build new and improved foundations. Remember, there is no bounce back, there is only forward and through. 

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