My 10 Tips To Stay Fit While Traveling

I’ve been traveling non-stop lately and as much as I enjoy my travels, it does throw me off from the routine I have at home and my daily habits. So, I've decided to make traveling as seamless as possible by creating a travel routine I now follow every time I'm away. Here are my 10 tips on how to stay on the health track while traveling. Enjoy!

  1. Stay active. Make sure there is a gym or exercise room in your hotel. This will make it easy to get a workout in every day. 
  2. Build what I like to call a “traveling gym”. Pick 3-5 of your favorite (easy-to-travel) workout tools and bring them with you. You can get a full body workout in your room if you don’t have access to a gym. 
  3. Bring your daily routine with you. Pack your must-have superfoods, vitamins, and supplements. I always try to travel with: apple cider vinegar, turmeric powder, coconut oil, probiotics, turmeric pills, digestive enzymes, sun potion powders, tonics and teas. 
  4. If you have dietary restrictions, stick to them!
  5. Do a little research of places where you can eat. For example, I always like to find the local juice bar, coffee shop, and vegan restaurants everywhere I go.   
  6. Walk! Walk everywhere if you can. 
  7. Drink twice the amount of water you drink at home. Stay hydrated, this will stop you from over-eating. 
  8. Don’t eat airport or airplane food. Plan ahead. Eat before or after. Bring snacks to hold you over until you arrive at your final destination. 
  9. Pack your lymphatic drainage tools—facial roller and lymphatic paddle—these will help you with water retention and puffiness. 
  10. Enjoy and try new foods, but no need to over-indulge. Make choices. i.e. Skip the bread basket if you’re having pasta. Choose between having wine or having dessert. 


Safe Travels!



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