Create Space, Find Meaning

Let’s talk quarantine. We’re all living in this reality that we didn’t choose and we’re doing the best we can given the circumstances. Life is calling on every single one of us to move into a place of wisdom in ourselves, a place of courage, a place of community, and solidarity. What are some courageous steps I can take even in a midst of a reality that isn’t of my asking?

Create space, be intentional. Between stimulus and response there is a space. And in that space is our power to choose. And in that choice, lies growth and freedom. This skill is the foundation of mental health and wellness.

Don’t get stuck. Don’t let the narrative coming through the media own you. Breathe into the experience and be compassionate with yourself. Be with yourself in fullness with compassion and curiosity. Be compassionate towards others. Look beyond the eyes, look in the soul and the hurt of the person that is in front of you. Be the person behind the person. 

How can I bring myself forward in a way that is courageous and connected? Put down your phone for at least an hour a day. You see, loneliness is actually a function of whether our connections are meaningful or not. We all know we can feel lonely in a room full of people. This is the time to look for meaningful quality interactions. Be present. Give your full attention to your spouse, your kids, reach out to that friend you stopped talking to years ago, or schedule a zoom happy hour party. Meaning is what brings us out of emotional isolation. 

There is true beauty in the fragility of life, and life in the times of COVID-19 is showing us how much our society is built around connection and how much we depend on one another. This is a time filled with opportunity so think, what are some changes I can make in this context of loneliness?

We didn’t choose this reality, but maybe needed it for a reason we’ll understand further down the line. Food for thought. 

with love, 
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So beautifully stated. Much needed content at a time like this.

Yanira Ruidiaz

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