Life, Very Much A Balancing Act.

Life, is very much a balancing act. I believe the Universe gives us only what we can handle. So, how do we show up for it all? It’s up to us to balance all different aspects of our lives. We are constantly juggling, trying to keep in balance—marriage and family, career, health, wellness, social circles, spiritual and mental growth. Creating balance isn’t about cramming in as many things as you can in your everyday life. It’s about assessing your priorities regularly to stay focused, manage your time effectively, and prevent a panic attack. It’s not always easy to devote the right amount of energy to all areas and not tip over to one side. Here’s 5 things I do that help me balance it all out: 

  1. Learn to prioritize. Examine what is important (and what isn’t) and how much time and energy you should invest in things that matter to you. In my case, there is always time for my husband and a workout in the day. 
  2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. I am all over this one. It’s important to invest in your physical and mental wellbeing. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, work out regularly, and stay hydrated. 
  3. Adopt a positive mindset. Practice gratitude, practice self-love, and do at least one thing every day that makes you happy. #selfcare
  4. Set goals in every area of your life. I love goals. I set them all the time. I set long-term goals, mini goals, and micro goals. Micro goals keep me focused on the day-to-day.  
  5. Balance is not a final goal, but a practice. Being balanced does not mean being content and calm all the time. Finding balance is a practice—much like yoga. It’s always different, as as long as we keep practicing finding balance, we will find one. We will lose it. But we will find it again. 
As finding balance is our focus of the month of March we will explore and learn more about this topic. Stay tuned.
With love always, 
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