No Love Like Self-Love

Prepare to experience a collective shift in our energy as we welcome the month of love. However, we're not just going to focus on romance at De La Heart this February. Let loose and day dream about your partner as we'll definitely be discussing some sexy topics. But aside from our romantic relationships, we're also going to explore the most important relationship of them all—the one you have with yourself.

The essence of self-love is a crucial aspect of manifestation—by tapping into and embodying it's energy, you're going to attract more of the same loving vibration. The concept of "learning to love yourself before someone loves you" isn't exactly groundbreaking anymore. So why not expand this concept beyond attracting soulmates and concentrate more around attracting abundance, confidence, new opportunities, and self-confidence. 

So, how do we do it?

Manifest Love In Your Relationship With Yourself

When you show up for yourself, you can better show up for your life. There is no love like self-love. By working on having a steady, stable love for yourself internally, you'll experience love externally with more intention, ease, and awareness. Truth is, you can only love someone else as deeply as you love yourself.

One way to manifest more authentic love for yourself is by shifting your internal dialogue. When observe your own thoughts, you'll see how unkind those can be. We often speak to ourselves much more critically than we ever would to anyone else. Shift those thoughts from being self-critical to kind and loving, speak to yourself as you would to your best friend. 

Manifest Love In Your Relationship With Others

Whether you seek a new romance or more genuine friendships in your life, manifesting new sources of love requires clarity and intention. The only way manifestation works is by getting very specific and focused with our thoughts, and understanding the meaning behind them.

Go ahead and make a list of all of the ways you want a relationship to make you feel. You can include traits or characteristics you wish the person to embody, but try to focus more on how they make you feel. Think: happy, supported, confident, respected.

Same rules apply vven if you're already in a committed relationship! You need to understand why you want to be serious with someone. What do you see in that person that makes your life filled with more happiness? What values of yours are keeping you motivated to continue nurturing your relationship? Understanding your "why" is what will keep your relationship strong for years to come.

Manifest Love In Your Relationship With Your Purpose

Most tend to think of your purpose or passion is something you "have", but in reality, it is something we have a relationship with as well. Whether your thing is yoga, cooking, painting, etc, recognize how these are another source of love and comfort in your life. 

As with any relationship, that means our purpose requires some work and TLC as well. Similar to how you can setup a weekly date night with your significant other, setup a weekly date night with your purpose. When you schedule brunch with your friends, you show up - treat your dreams and your passions just like that!

My friends, all relationships take WORK. Manifest more love in any of these areas of your life, but always remember that we attract what we are. That said, be love

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