How Sleep Affects Lymphatic Health

We know that the lymphatic system serves as our body’s waste center, getting rid of infections and dead cells found in tissues, but did you know getting a good night's rest can improve the function of your lymph nodes? Let us explain.

The lymphatic system cross-talks with the brain and is most active when we're asleep. Studies show a 22% decrease in lymphatic stagnation during a tranquil nights sleep due to the shrinkage in blood vessels. When our body and brain are well-rested, it allows more lymph fluid to be secreted into the body for removal. When lacking sleep or simply not getting quality sleep, the house-cleaning duties performed by the lymphatic system are greatly compromised.

Not getting good sleep? Below are a few tips & tricks on how to ease yourself into a restful, deep night's sleep.

  1. Start A Ritual - Taking a warm bath, lavender essential oil, and using The Body Massage Tool are a few rituals we incorporate into our nightly routine to calm the nervous system and prepare our body & mind for restful sleep.
  2. Meditate - Studies say that meditating before bed improves sleep quality by 30%. Sleep meditations help create the inner conditions needed for a truly restful night. Because when we settle the mind, we rest the body — and that restfulness is what makes it easier to wind down and drift off.
  3. Dim the lights - Dimming the lights and avoiding stimulating screens (TV, computer & cell phone) allows your pineal gland to secrete melatonin, queuing your body to get tired and fall asleep.
  4. Magnesi-Om - Magnesium is a supplement that promotes deep and restorative sleep. It calms the overactive mind, promotes relaxation, and supports a healthy circadian rhythm.

* DLH Sleep Tip *
Lymph is known to mainly drain towards the left of the body, where the thoracic duct is located. As the lymph fluid drains, it carries proteins, glucose, and waste products and is purified by lymph nodes before being drained into the left side of the heart. Due to this, it’s suggested that sleeping on the left side helps detoxify the body.

*Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any at-home  regimens or supplements to ensure these techniques are right for you.

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