Girl of the Month: Meet Lauren Nepo

Hello, November! We know what that girl of the month!! Allow me to introduce November's "Girl of the Month": Mrs. Lauren Nepo. She walks into the room and heads turn; not only is she one of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen, but her powerful and bubbly energy is contagious. Born and raised in Miami, Lauren is what I like to call a "lifer", we went to high school at Palmer Trinity together and we became friends the first day of school! 15 years later, we're still going strong! Her HUGE heart (and flawless looks obvi) landed her an amazing hubby, and she's now mommy to two beautiful children, Lulu and Teddy, who I love like they were my own. If you don't know her by now, enjoy getting to know her, she's beautiful smart, active, kind, and overly generous. By our definition, a De La Heart girl!

Name: Lauren Nepo

Location: Aventura, FL.
Occupation: Full-time mother and wife. 
Please tell us what you do for a living: I have a two and a four-year-old at home, and I'm lucky enough to be able to devote myself to them full-time, so being their mom is my most important job right now. 
Where does your love of feeling good and being healthy come from?
I've been into fitness and wellness as long as I can remember. When I was growing up my parents always encouraged me and my sister to be active and it stuck!
What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen?
I love trying new and different things, but my go-to favorites are Megaformer Pilates and Vinyasa yoga. I do each one a few times a week depending on my schedule and how I'm feeling. 
Where do you work out and why do you go there?
I take group classes at JetSet Pilates for an intense, yet long and lean toning workout, and I love the energy at Plank Yoga Studio because they really emphasize the mind body connection in everything they do. 
What is your approach to nutrition?
I keep it pretty simple by sticking to whole organic foods most of the time and I drink tons of water. I follow and eating plan created for me by nutritionist Shae Keren. I'm not perfect though, and usually splurge on whatever I feel like when I'm at a great restaurant with my husband or friends. I like the approach of eating as healthy as possible 80% of the time and then living a little and indulging the rest of the time. 
What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”?
Must-Do's: A caffeine boost to start my day (Dr. Smood iced cashew milk latte), being present and in the moment when I'm with other people, spending quality time with my husband, and tucking my kids in at night. No Ways: Nothing is completely off limits for me when it comes to fitness and wellness. I like to keep an open mind, so I'd never say never!
What's one beauty product you can't live without? EltaMD tinted daily sunblock.
What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist?
A Hu Kitchen vanilla cashew butter chocolate bar. It's delicious, but also made with totally clean ingredients, so I figure that makes it a good for you guilty pleasure. Right?
What’s your beauty secret?
It's less about the products I use (even though I love them!) and more about my lifestyle. For me, it's all about mindfulness. The more I stay grounded and in the present, the more balanced and vital I feel. And I find that approaching my life with that state of mind gives me the motivation and confidence to take care of myself, even when the days get hectic. It can be tempting to put off taking time to work out, eat healthy, and do the things that make me feel good, but it's so important and taking that time for myself actually helps me be a better mother, wife, and friend in the long run. 
What brand of workout gear do you wear when working out and why? My favorites are Track and Field, Lucas Hugh, Strut This, and Ultracor (as long as the leggings have a matching sports bra). I love sets, they make me feel balanced, primed, and ready to go. 
What’s the last book that you read?
The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein. One of my favorite chapters is called "Obstacles Are Detours in the Right Direction". It's all about how everything that happens to us is leading us in the right direction, even when we can't see it in the moment. The whole book is full of insightful universal lessons and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in having less negativity and more positivity in their life. 
Describe your ideal “date night” outfit.
I feel the most confident and sexy when I'm comfortable, so my typical date night outfit would usually be the latest and greatest COH (Citizens of Humanity) jeans, a Mila Carr top from The Showroom in Coconut Grove, Gianvitto Rossi heels, and Agent Provocateur underneath. 
If you had to give your younger self one piece of advise, what would it be?
Don't stress about the things you can't control. What will be, will be. it's all about how you react and respond to whatever is happening in your life. 

Lovely, isn't she?? Follow us all month long for more on Lauren Nepo aka LEGS!

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