Girl Of The Month: Meet Gina Gorelik

Our focus of the month of June is beauty from within—that true beauty that comes from the heart. When we are beautiful on the inside, it reflects on the outside. But that takes work, maybe twice the amount of work you put in at the gym. 
Our muse of the month is the definition of a true beauty. I’d like to introduce you to one of the most down-to-earth girls I know: Gina Gorelik. I first met Gina at a mutual friend’s dinner party. She showed up with a perfectly executed lavender vegan pie that she had made earlier that day. Putting my store bought non-vegan cupcakes to shame plus I didn’t even know you could eat lavender! I liked her. We connected over pie and her passion for travel and fashion. A few of my favorite things. She had done the work…she was doing the work. Enjoy getting to know Gina, cool calm and adventurous with a chic authenticity to everything she does. 

Please tell us a little bit about you.
I grew up in Ukraine, and moved to New York when I was 15. Graduated from NYU, and worked in publishing for a bit before realizing that corporate world was not the right fit for my Free Soul, and never pursued a corporate job again. About 15 years ago I moved to Miami and fell in love with it. I worked as a fashion stylist, but having always been interested in health and wellness, I started organizing and producing yoga retreats, workshops and trainings worldwide. I went on to get my health coach certification from IIN, which completely shifted my perspective on nutrition. I started working with private clients and became a program consultant at Hippocrates Health Institute. Most recently I created and produced programming and wellness events at the incredible Sacred Space Miami, before moving on to start Moon and Jai. 

Describe a day in Gina’s life.
I usually drop off my son Arjuna at school in the morning and head to WeWork to the Moon and Jai studio. My days vary (because variety is the spice of life:). Some days we work on product development, others marketing and design, some days we heart storm and envision the future of Moon and Jai, some days are dedicated to production. Often I have working lunches to chat about upcoming events, collaborations and other super fun things.

Please tell us about Moon & Jai. Moon and Jai is a company I co-founded with my partner Jai and a huge labor of love for me! I am so thrilled that I get to do this “for a living”. Moon and Jai is a conscious lifestyle brand that creates elegant tools that inspire personal transformation, intentional living, connection to ritual and dwelling in magic. We create Ritual kits that contain magical tools to help harmonize living spaces and manifest desires. We also collaborate on holding workshops at venues like The Faena, Sacred Space, The Standard, etc. Combining crystal medicine + manifestation magic with sound healing modalities (such as Tibetan gong and crystal bowls) mantra, breath & gentle movement, we create beautiful events that inspire and educate. We bring Moon and Jai offerings to private and corporate events, and consult individuals on creating sacred space & daily rituals that support intentional living and personal growth. Transformational retreats are coming in the near future.

How’s the journey through conscious entrepreneurship been so far?
It’s been a wild ride indeed! I have learned soooo much about what it actually takes to run a business! Through many “ooops” I have acquired great skills, relationships, and in depth understanding of parts of the business I never even considered before. I am really grateful for the journey so far- and so excited for what’s ahead!


Is there room for a spirituality in business?
 Certainly in our business- as it is built around Spirituality. One of the ways in which this expresses itself is the incredible loving relationships we’ve built with our vendors, clients and retail partners. These lovely folks are my friends for life now. I have also learned to only work on things that are in complete alignment with our values. We are very reverent about the materials we source, their origins and sustainability. We also cleanse, bless and set intentions with every ritual kit that leaves our studio. It is our highest desire that our product inspire transformation and more Spirituality and mindfulness in people’s lives.

What is your go-to ritual?
My morning ritual varies ~ and usually includes warm water that i drink while setting intentions and repeating healing words, mantra practice, writing my daily “ wins”. Some other rituals I love are creating vision boards, sharing meaningful “drop in time” with my partner, journaling, pulling oracle cards from my many decks, meditating with crystals. I also love doing reverse engineering recordings.



Can’t leave the house without?
Rose quartz and black tourmaline
Favorite coffee shop in Miami. 
“All Day” - the absolute best food, decor AND Rose quartz tabletops!!!
Favorite season. 
Spring when all starts to come alive energetically as well as physically!
Best way to decompress at home. 
A bath with crystals, baking soda, epsom salt and rose water.
What are the 2 crystals every person should have. 
Depends on what they are working on in their life at the moment. Clear quartz is a great neutral crystal that balances, clears up negativity and amplifies your intentions. Amethyst (healing and harmony), Pyrite (drive, ambition, prosperity) Black Tourmaline (grounding and connection of Earth and Spirit) are my go-to’s.
Favorite crystal.
I cant play favorites with my babies :)
Top 5 though are apophyllite, zeolite, pyrite, black tourmaline and always rose quartz.
Favorite scent. SEA
Favorite herb.
Last thing you cooked. 
Quinoa and vegetable stuffed bell peppers
On your reading list.
All kinds of crystal, manifestation, lunar cycles, witch books.
Fiction - Paula McLaine’s amazing books -The Paris Wife & Circling The Sun + 
Nicole Kraus’s “Forrest Dark” & “History of Love”
New Moon or Full Moon? 
Love both - there is always something to release and LOTS to manifest and dream up!



What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen?
I have been dancing 5 rhythms and Prayerdanse for many years now,
I adore both, and am always doing classes, workshops and retreats.
Also Kundalini yoga with Jai Jot, Yin yoga with Michelle Berlin and any class with Ruslan Kleytman.
Where do you work out/practice and why do you go there? 
The Sacred Space Miami for morning Sadhana and other amazing creative offering they have. Doing a 5 rhythms weekend workshop there in a few weeks.
State of Yoga is new and beautiful and has some of the best teachers in town. 
Innergy Meditation studio- for Michelle’s sound classes & their workshops are great!
Also wanting to check out SOL yoga in Wynwood because its gorgeous!!!
What is your approach to nutrition? 
Plant based, clean, protein centric, always sustainable, organic, try to be seasonal and local whenever possible! Farmer’s markets are my JAM!

What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? No ways are soda, artificial colors, TV, lack of boundaries.Must do’s are self care, beach days, sauna, lots of community, connection, reflection and dance!



What’s your “passed down from Mom” beauty secret?
Coconut oil all over ~
Your “can’t live without” beauty product.
Andalou organics rose line- particularly 1000 roses cream and Moroccan beauty oil.
Beauty secret.
Sun! Everyone looks better with a tan - just cover your face with a big hat :)
Best beauty tip you ever received. 
I haven't received the best yet, but open to all and any :)
Favorite line in a movie. 
“Nobody is perfect” from the old Marylin Monroe movie “Some Like it Hot”
Favorite song.
Any song by Nina Simone makes my heart sing


Favorite app.
UNUM, Snapseed, KiraKira
Favorite social-media platform.
Favorite person to follow on Instagram.
@Espiritutara @Thesacredspacemiami @mysticmamma
Favorite news source 
Stephen Colbert
Last google search.
“Gold foil stickers”
What would your superpower be. 
Clairvoyance and spontaneous healing



What is your favorite city/country in the world.
This is a tough one - I adore Barcelona and Ibiza, but also love Tel Aviv, Rome, Seoul, Odessa and Tokyo and of course Tulum!
Favorite outfit. 
Really all about caftans from Z and L Europe lately. I have too many :)
A beautiful scarf from The Onikas completes any outfit. White jeans, heels and a lacey top are always a good idea.
Where do you want to travel next.
We are deciding on our Summer plans now - France, Greece and Spain are on the list. On my bucket list is Montenegro and The Maldives
Words to live by. 
We accept the love we believe we deserve.
What career would you choose in your next life. 
A yoga and wellness retreat owner in Costa Rica or Bali 
Share with us a new moon & full moon ritual.
Every New and Full Moon my entire personal crystal collection gets moon bathed. 
I like to take the time to go inward, meditate on the cycle that just passed and the cycle ahead. I read mystic mamma and feel into the astral energies and planets that are influencing the upcoming cycle. For Full Moon we usually hold workshops, so amplifying the intentions with sound, breath, movement, crystals in a group setting is very sacred for me. I also journal a lot on my desires and manifestation wishlist around New Moon, and write down the pieces of my life I am ready to gently release around Full Moon.

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