5 Highly Effective Stress Relievers

Feeling stressed? You're not alone. I think we can all agree that we are living in very stressful and unprecedented times. According to the most recent study by Yale School of Medicine, three out of every four Americans report feeling at least one symptom of stress in the past month. 
Most of us deal with stress every day. And while we all process it differently, it's proven that chronic stress harms health and increases your risk of health conditions such as heart disease. Research shows stress is also linked to weight gain. Cortisol stimulates your metabolism, creating a surge of energy in your body. While this process is essential for survival situations, it also increases you appetite. Additionally, elevated cortisol levels can cause cravings for sugar and processed foods.
The good news is there are simple and effective ways to reduce daily stressors, that will improve your health, and consequently manage your weight. These 5 tips have helped me manage my stress and cultivate inner peace. xx Gigi
  • GET GROUNDED: Grounding connects the body to the electrical field of the physical earth. Simply placing the skin of your hands or your bare feet on the surface of the earth (such as sand, grass, dirt) allows our bodies to connect to the energy of the planet. Grounding techniques help you pull back from negative emotions, memories, thoughts, or flashbacks and focus on the present so you can calm down.
  • BREATH WORK: Deep, diaphragm breathing is an active form of meditation that allows us to disconnect from our mind and reconnect with our body. When we engage in mindful breathing, we turn on the vagus nerve located in the parasympathetic nervous system and pump the brakes on anxiety and stress.
  • LEGS UP THE WALL: Inversions are amazing for reducing stress and anxiety. Placing your legs up the wall (also known as Viparita Karani) is a restorative yoga posture that reverses blood flow, relieves tension, and allows the mind and the body to relax. In this pose, you’ll be able to relax deeply, release anxiety and tension, and get back into balance. It can bring the body back to its own innate capacity for rest, relaxation, and self-healing.
  • DRY BRUSHING: Dry brushing is a calming, stress-relieving ritual that releases tension in the body. It stimulates the many nerve endings in the skin, helping to open up the flow of the nervous system and resulting in a feeling of well-being, rejuvenation, and relaxation. It’s a safe self-care practice that can be done daily as a way to check in and connect with yourself.
  • LEMON BALM TEA: Lemon balm is a calming herb that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It contains rosmarinic acid, which helps in activating GABA receptors in the brain to calm the nervous system. Enjoy a cup or two daily. 

 ***While these statements are supported by my research and personal experiences, they have not been verified by the FDA or a medical professional. These statements are not intended to cure or treat any ailments or diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any at-home regimen to ensure these techniques are right for you.

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