Five Foods For Lymphatic Health

Did you know that your lymphatic system is composed of 95% water? When we don't drink enough water or consume enough nutrient-dense foods rich in water, we set up our lymphatic system for disaster! The two main ways our body supports its natural detoxification process are 1. Excretion, & 2. Sweating. If the body doesn't have liquids to carry out said toxins, they stay in the body & recycle into disease. There are many ways to encourage fluid flow in the lymphatic system, including mindful movement, breathwork, & body massage, but the most important is diet. Remember to keep that healthy lymphatic system in check! It will help you achieve a clear mind & a light body.
Below are five de la heart approved foods that will keep your body & lymphatic system functioning at their best:


  • Turmeric - This root has anti-inflammatory benefits that improve overall circulation in the body. Pair this superfood with fat like ghee for fast absorption & optimal benefits.

  • Greens - This one is a no-brainer. Leafy greens are water-rich and essential for keeping the body hydrated & energized. Many detoxes call for at least two cups of leafy greens per meal because of their ability to flush out the lymphatic system with just a few bites a day. Say goodbye to puffiness!

  • H20 & Citrus - Remember how the lymphatic system is composed of 95% water? Staying hydrated through the source of life is probably the number one way to keeping your lymphatic system unclogged. But it is super important that you are drinking clean, filtered water. Most store-bought water is clean & okay to drink, but it lacks minerals. A de la heart tip: Add some organic lemon juice to your water to give you a boost of Vitamin C & assist in liver function!

  • Healthy Fats -  You most likely read our feature on fats, and if you didn't, you could play catch-up here. Fats (specifically plant-based ones) have a range of benefits if consumed mindfully. Those found in plant-based foods like chia, flax & hemp are great to add to juices, smoothies & even sweet treats! They also keep the body hydrated after being absorbed by the digestive tract, making it easy to digest fiber-rich foods that would otherwise clog the lymphatic system in the absence of h20.

  • Chlorella & Spirulina - I love adding these two Algeas to my morning smoothies! They help oxygenate the body, bind to heavy metals, & feed the body with a range of vitamins & minerals. I call them the detoxifying duo; they do it all! Add them to any food to add a dose of greenness to your meal. Give your lymphatic system an extra hand & pick some up next time you're at the farmer's market!


For delicious inspiration check out my Green Detox Smoothie recipe, up on the blog. This green beverage is full of fiber, h20, & vitamins that your lymphatic system needs to keep things in check. If you enjoyed this article, share it with a friend or loved one who may need a little extra boost of health in their life :). Tag us in your culinary creations @delaheart #selfloveclub for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.


Stay green, everybody! (The good kind.)


With love & natural beauty,

Gigi & The De La Heart Team

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