Feeling uninspired? Try this to manifest your dreams!

Tapping into your dreamworld 🌈 and your visions is a powerful process. It is like walking through the door of Narnia instantly and remembering the power that you have to manifest all that you desire. Envisioning when you are inspired is amazing, but envisioning when feeling uninspired is even more important. When our energy gets low its important to find ways to pick ourselves back up.

Envisioning is when one creates a Vision of their future. The Vision Book is a space where you envision all that you would like to see in different areas of your life. Your lifestyle, travel aspirations, career expansion, your sanctuary, your material desires, and the love you desire. A place were you being to tap into your creative energy, and create your world. Your own personal Universe. Its purpose is to uplift you, inspire you, and to remind you of your vibe. Its your mood book, literally.

Personally, when I am feeling uninspired I have found a change, a shift by sitting down and dedicating 30 minutes to the Vision Book. Instantly, I feel better. In fact, I often wonder why I was ever feeling unmotivated in the first place. The process of envisioning changes the direction of your focus from what is not going right to all the the possibilities that are available to you. The process catalyzes our motivation to continue moving forward. It has that power and you have that power. Creating a fun relationship with your dreams and goals can work magic on your mood.

When you feel uninspired, envisioning and working the craft of the intentional collages is uplifting. Looking at your creative ambitions feels good. Dreaming and imagining feels good. Living it and experiencing it feels even better. It changes your mood. It opens your eyes. It changes your perspective. It changes your world. That is what this is all about. Living a feel good life. And owning it. What mood do you want to step into 🔮? Envision. Every woman should envision her world, every woman should create her world.

By: Gabi Torres {artist, art therapist, healer}

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