Feeling Flirty?

 Summer is around the corner so let the sun shine in! The long beautiful days of summer deliver more time for play, for loving, for laughing and learning. Summer is hot and sexy. Let her sultry ways seduce you. Let’s embrace summer in all her glory. Have a summer fling with summer and with yourself.
Loving ourselves inside and out comes from confidence within. Confidence results from self-care which is our responsibility and a practice that helps us feel our very best and cultivate that feminine, sexy glow. In the words of Dana Myers, our girl of the month, “Mojo is best defined as the feminine sexual spark that lies within every woman. It's a glow from the inside out”. Sexual energy is the driving force of nature, the essence of creation, the birth of passionate creativity, and the deepest spiritual expression one can have. In the yogic philosophy, our pure sexual energy is dormant until awakened in its highest form known as “kundalini”. 
For centuries, society has turned “sexual talk” into something prohibited, dirty, and private. From the story of Adam and Eve to the successful porn industry—sex has become something we don’t really talk about yet we are all supposed to be really good at. Sexual energy is in every single one of us, it’s innate, natural, and very powerful when channeled correctly.  
Our day-to-day stresses and responsibilities tend to get in the way of our desire to feel flirty and sexy. Being aware of how you’re feeling and open to talk about it’s the first step. Dana Myers has created a sexy empire by being open for a sexy conversation. She will walk us through tips and a set of actions to embrace and unleash our sexy side this month. It is crucial for us to take time, as women, to heighten our confidence for a sexier, more fulfilled life. Let’s bring sexy back, ladies!

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