December, A Month Of Celebration.

Celebrate and celebrate some more. As the year and the decade come to an end, we enter a whole new energy—calmer, steadier and more certain. We start to shift our focus on appreciation and thank the Universe for leading us in the right direction. We shift our energy to focus on what’s working and thriving. That feel-good state is what will attract more of what we want as we move into this uncharted decade. 

In a month of festivities, we must take time to celebrate our accomplishments and take inventory of our decade—we appreciate where we stand today and make space to sort out any confusion in our lives, so we can be rewarded with clarity. The holidays can be a tough time to slow down, but making time for yourself is crucial. 

The last month of the year began with a bang on Monday, December 2. Lucky planet Jupiter entered hardworking Capricorn where it will stay for a year, leaving slackers behind. The good news is that unqualified people in power coasting on privilege will fall. The tough side of the coin is that more than ever, we'll all have to work our asses off to get — and maintain — what we want. Don’t go setting your 2020 intentions just yet, on December 26, the final eclipse of the decade arrives—a Capricorn solar (new moon) eclipse— followed by the Sun’s annual meetup with lucky Jupiter on December 27. This is the best time to power up your big visions! I want to wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, a beautiful holiday season filled with nothing but LOVE. 


From my heart to yours, 


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