Body Brush & Body Tool How-To

The History & The Why?
The body brush is a hero beauty tool that deserves all the praise because it can transform the physical appearance of the skin & benefit internal health. This ritual has been practiced for centuries by the likes of Ancient Egyptians & Native Americans. It has recently resurfaced as the latest wellness craze because of its affordability & success stories. But many of you still ask us how you can incorporate it into your daily life & how it benefits you? As always, we're here to answer all the questions with the facts.
Dry Brushing 101
Now that we have your attention, we're going to break down how to incorporate this ritual into your life. You'll be surprised to know that this simple, non-invasive (at-home) treatment only requires a few minutes of your day! Dare I say you can do it in the car, at the office, or right before running out to pick up the kids from school? It is that simple.
de la heart tip: Choose a dry brush with soft bristles like The Body Brush, made from boar bristles, to prevent abrasions in the skin.
Note: This is the complete technique, but if you don't have the time to complete this every day, we suggest shaking the body out in an organic way for a few seconds & brushing the front & back of the legs with fast, upward strokes! Voila, you did it!
Step 1: Awaken the lymphatic system by pumping all the connective energy points in the body 5x each. i.e., The collarbones, underarms, the space above the belly button, groin, & behind the ankles.
Step 2: Make sure your skin is clean & dry. Avoid oils or creams before beginning your ritual.
Step 3: On bare legs, begin brushing from the ankles towards the knees in an upward & gentle motion. Do this as many times as you like. Repeat in the same manner from behind the ankle, up towards the back of the knee. Use the same technique on your opposite leg.
Step 4: Brush in quick & upward strokes from above the knee towards the groin to stimulate blood flow. The quads are the largest muscle where we carry lots of blood vessels, so it is essential not to miss this body area. Repeat in the back of the quad to continue to bring blood flow towards the lymph nodes that live behind the knee & groin. Use the same technique on your opposite leg.
Step 5: Pump the lymph nodes underneath the belly button to awaken digestion & lymph flow. Brush in upward strokes towards the heart throughout the abdomen.
Step 6: Re-pump the lymph nodes that live in the collarbone to release extra fluid retention. Be gentle with this area as you brush from the chest towards the lymph nodes that live within the underarms to drain & detox.
Step 7: Lastly, brush each arm in upward strokes starting from the wrist, towards the inside of the elbow, and moving from the inside of the elbow towards the underarms. Direct the lymph to drain through the connections in the body. Don't forget to repeat this on your opposite arm!
After dry brushing, we encourage you to rehydrate in all ways. Drink lots of water & nourish your skin with an all-natural body butter or oil. Your pores are open, and this is the best time to use some of the best skin food you can find, AKA The Body Oil Bundle.
If you're looking for an extra detox from the margaritas you downed last night with the girls, or you're feeling a little puffy from standing on your legs all day, use our Body Tool to amplify the detoxifying benefits of your lymphatic ritual. We like to think of it as a gua sha facial, but for your legs. It is super relaxing, it tones your beautiful body & it brings you back to life by moving the energy around your system & sending oxygen where it is needed. Check out our how-to for The body Tool here.
As always, no ritual at de la heart finishes without a dose of self-love. Thank you for choosing yourself today #self-love club beauty! You deserve the best.
With love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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Hi Leida!

We do! You can find all of our Lymphatic Drainage tutorials using the body tool on our YouTube!


Super interesting to me. Do you have a video or YouTube on how to. It would be very helpful. I purchased your Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool but made the mistake of not ordering the Jojoba Oil but will soon correct that.

Leida Rosa

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