Acupuncture & Gemstone Therapy for Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been part of my wellness routine for years, it's helped me heal several physical injuries and allows me to create space to navigate emotional circumstances. I have been very conservative with my treatments during my pregnancy, and finding a practitioner that supports both your health and your baby's is not always easy. I was lucky to cross paths with Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, certified Acupuncturist and Dr. Chinese/Integrative Medicine, who believes that regular acupuncture treatments during pregnancy improve mother and baby's health helping with delivery and postpartum recovery.

My treatment consisted of using esoteric acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to relax my hips and ease up any pressure from my sciatica. Many pregnant women experience this. Because I'm currently carrying posterior, I'm having compression in my L4-5 vertebrates, creating pain on the side of my legs. We also used gemstone therapy to help move energy through my midsection, using stones like hematite to build blood for baby and citrine for mama's digestion. We did acupuncture points to help open my nasal passages along with gemstones of amethyst and clear quartz to clear my front sinuses. 

Each treatment with Dr. Trattner is highly individualized and holistic. Her appointments start with a patient's detailed health history needed to develop a clear and detailed picture of the patient's overall health and unique needs. She strongly believes in empowering her patients to take an active role in their own health by counseling them in diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes. For more information and to contact Dr. Elizabeth Trattner please visit or connect with her on social media @dreliztratts. 

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