5 Things Getting Me Through Postpartum in Quarantine

There’s a lot we used to do out there that we can do inside. Sure, life right now feels way different, but there are plenty of ways we can stay healthy and connected to the Earth and our loved ones from home. These are 5 things that have helped me stay sane during this temporary and uncertain time of quarantine:


  1. My family: We’ve all had plenty of time to reminisce about our past, present, and future. At least I have. I’m thankful for every encounter, every challenge, every messenger, every guide, every step, every mistake, and every decision I ever made because it took me here. My heart is full of love and at peace because I am exactly where I need to be. Welcoming our baby into our family has been a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. As you can imagine, my hands are full and I am never bored, and although is not easy we are starting to find the flow into our little family of 3. Being able to give my undivided attention to my baby and my husband have been the best thing of this quarantine. 
  2. Movement: Whether it is an outdoor walk, a yoga class, or a workout in my garage…moving my body has kept me sane. Being able to take a walk with my baby is a huge gift these days and since I couldn’t imagine not being able to leave my house at all, I want to send all my love and strength to those living in metropolitan cities like NYC and Bogota.
  3. Cooking: I’ve never been a huge fan of spending hours in the kitchen. However, during quarantine, my husband and I have found a new way of spending time together—and its in the kitchen. I know what you’re thinking…we just had a baby so life is slightly different these days lol. We’ve been eating every meal at home, like most of you are, and we have been getting creative and trying different recipes that satisfy both my nutritional needs and his foodie needs. We’ve stepped up our cooking game BIG time, and some of our meals are just as good or better than any restaurant food. 
  4. Meditation: I don’t know if it’s postpartum hormones, the moon, or collective energy…but my anxiety has been through the roof! Sitting with myself in silence aka hiding from my family in different parts of my house and breathing has been helping me keep my sh*t together. Stepping into the unknown has always caused me anxiety and right now there are many unknowns in my life and in the world itself. Meditation helps me stay present and reminds me to only focus on the right now. 
  5. Connection: Social distancing should be referred to as “physical distancing”. This time has been a time for true connection. As we’re being forced to physically distance ourselves from our loved ones, we have found other ways to find meaningful connection. I sure have. I have picked up the phone and talked with my friends for hours, I’ve caught up with friends and family members I hadn’t talked to in a while, I have attended zoom happy hours, and have had many FaceTime calls from all over the world. Connecting in new ways (thank god for technology) has taught me that we don’t need to be in the same room with the people we love to feel connected. 
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