5 Reasons Why You Need a DIY Lymphatic Drainage Massage

You have probably heard me talk about how much I love lymphatic drainage massage for a while now...well, I'm so glad it's finally the talk of the town! Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage therapy that has incredible physical benefits. The lymphatic system transports fluid through the lymph vessels, carrying waste products and toxins accumulated in the body. These fluids get removed once they travel to the lymph nodes where they are destroyed. When we receive lymphatic drainage massages, our muscles become more "smooth" and supple which makes it easier for the lymphatic system to transport and eliminate waste and toxins. 

Although it's just recently become mainstream, the technique has been around for centuries. The massage industry is capitalizing off the recent surge in popularity - you'll see professional lymphatic drainage massages cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per session. Fortunately, our Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool offers the same benefits in the comfort of your home and at a much lower cost. With consistency, you'll notice a major difference in how you look and feel.


These are 5 Reasons Why You Need a DIY Lymphatic Drainage Massage Practice 

1. Removal: LDM assists the body’s lymphatic network in removing metabolic waste, toxins and other foreign materials from the body.
2. Retention: LDM can relieve water retention and reduce swelling, especially during pregnancy.
3. Rejuvenation: Any moisturizer or oil you use will be better absorbed when applied before LDM. The result? A more vibrant, rejuvenated complexion.
4. Resilience: Your immune system is connected to the lymphatic system. LDM helps your body produce antibodies and boost immunity. 
5. Relaxation: Aside from the physical benefits, LDM is incredibly soothing for the emotional body which promotes relaxation and well-being.
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