5 Affirmations To Build Your Gratitude Practice


Gratitude is said to be number one on the emotional vibrational scale.
It opens up the heart chakra & reminds us of our inner joy and ability to find everything we need inside of ourselves. Starting your day with a grateful heart will keep you grounded, healthy, and in the ever lasting loving vibration that you are.
When we choose Gratitude, we relieve ourselves of any heavy emotions. If you were to place your attention on something that you are grateful for just 20 seconds a day, you would be activating the brain's frontal cortex, which is responsible for feelings of fulfillment, happiness, and joy. Studies show that people who practice Gratitude have lighter emotional bodies & are overall healthier beings. This practice can also help us stay in a healthier state by reducing the amount of overall stress levels in the body.
As my teacher Davidji reminds us in our meditations: "Gratitude feeds our souls. Gratitude reminds us of what truly matters in life."
Let's build our gratitude practice to open our hearts and feel lighter every day, starting with these five powerful affirmations:


1. I realize the gift of this precious human life. 
2. I love and appreciate my beautiful family and friends.
3. I revere nature in all her glory, and I love connecting with her every day.
4. I appreciate my health and all the things my wonderful body allows me to do.
5. I am grateful for the constant flow of abundance through my life.

With love & Gratitude,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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