The Complete De La Heart Ritual

Wellness from within 

Our complete body wellness ritual brings together the traditional lymphatic drainage massage benefits, Colombian maderoterapia (wood therapy) and the ancestral practices of Ayurvedic dry brushing. Together, these time-honored techniques help support detox flow, promote a healthy immune system, and leave you with a visibly firmer, smoother and more sculpted body contour. Feel energized and refreshed, and reduce the appearance of bloating and cellulite. Results improve with consistent treatments.







First, we “awaken” the lymphatic system. Use your fingertips to gently massage the lymph nodes in your client’s neck, armpits, thighs and behind the knees (the major “hinges” of your body). This step prepares the lymph nodes to receive and dispose of the fluid we’ll be moving.
Practice diaphragmatic breathing (i.e. deep belly breathing) as you massage and do 5-10 strokes on each area. Make sure to use a light touch. The lymph nodes are located close to the surface, so there’s no need to use intense pressure. Gentle is best.



Split your fingers into a ‘V’ shape and place them between your ears. Gently massage, stroking downward to the base of the neck. Next, massage the area above the collarbone, moving downward toward the supra clavicular lymph nodes.


Move to the underarms, where the axillary lymph nodes are located. Place your hand in your armpit and use your fingertips to massage this area. Fluid from your arms, chest and breast area will be moved to these lymph nodes.


Move to the bikini line/top of thighs, where the inguinal lymph nodes are located, and massage with gentle motions. Then massage the popliteal lymph nodes behind the knees. Fluid from your legs will be moved up to these lymph nodes.


Now that you’ve “awakened” the lymph nodes, you’re ready for the dry brushing ritual. In Ayurveda, dry brushing has long been practiced to stimulate the flow of energy (prana) and blood circulation throughout the body. Dry brushing supports the movement of lymph fluid, boosts microcirculation, and also exfoliates without the need for harsh chemicals. The friction created by the bristles sweeps away dead skin cells and reveals fresh, radiant skin underneath. By removing this layer of dead cells, you also improve the absorption of skincare products and encourage cellular turnover.


Use The Body Brush or The Copper Body Brush for this step. The firm yet flexible bristles provide the ideal amount of friction. Start on completely dry skin, and always brush in long rhythmic strokes to move fluid toward the lymph nodes. Aim for 5-10 strokes per area.



Starting at the elbow crease, brush the upper arm in long rhythmic strokes, working upward toward the axillary lymph nodes in the armpit. Brush the inside and outside of the upper arm.

 Move to the lower arm. Dry brush the top of the hand and wrist all the way up to the armpit.



Dry brush from the center of the chest to the armpit, then underneath the chest towards the armpit. Make sure to use extra-gentle pressure here.



Brush from the side of the waist up to your armpit, then from behind the torso toward the front of your body. (You can turn on your stomach or side.)

 Dry brush the abdominal area in gentle circular motions, working clockwise to help promote digestion.



Start at the front of the thighs, at the kneecap, and brush upwards toward the bikini line/upper thigh area (where the inguinal lymph nodes are located). Move to the back of the thighs and dry brush upward. (You can use a stepping stool for a wider range of motion). Move to the lower legs and brush from ankle to kneecap. Don’t forget to brush the top of the foot too.

 Repeat on both sides of the body. After the dry brushing ritual, rinse, shower or use a warm damp cloth to remove the dead skin that’s been exfoliated.




Hydration is a key part of the Ayurvedic daily self-care routine known as dinacharya. This step helps to soothe and balance the body and mind, and also prepares the skin for lymphatic drainage massage. 

Apply Lift & Tone Body Cream and layer on Flow + Glow Body Oil. These natural formulas help to deeply hydrate, open detox pathways and allow The Body Tool to glide over skin smoothly. Re-apply Flow + Glow Body Oil as needed during the lymphatic drainage massage ritual.



This essential step of the de la heart ritual comes from the traditional Colombian practice of maderoterapia (wood therapy), in which hand-held wooden tools are used to massage the body. This practice helps move fluid to the lymph nodes, which supports your body’s natural detox flow and promotes a healthy immune system. By moving stagnant fluid, you’ll also reduce the look of water retention and achieve a more toned and sculpted body contour.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing (i.e. deep belly breathing) as you perform the massage. Complete 5-10 strokes on each area, on both sides of the body, using The Body Tool or The Body Sculptor.



Holding your Body Tool in a vertical position, glide the tool from the crease of your client’s elbow up to the armpit, working toward the axillary lymph nodes.

 Move to the lower arm and glide the tool from wrist to elbow, then all the way from wrist to armpit.



Gently glide your tool from the center of the chest to the armpit, then underneath the chest towards the armpit. Fluid from the breasts drains to these lymph nodes, so use gentle nurturing pressure in this area.



Hold your tool in a vertical position and glide it from side of the waist up to the armpit, then from behind the torso to the front of the body. (You can turn on the stomach or side.)



Holding the tool in a horizontal position, start above the knee and gently stroke upward toward the inguinal lymph nodes.

 Massage the back of the thighs by holding the tool in a vertical position and gently stroking upward until you reach the gluteal fold (You can turn on your side or use a stepping stool for a wider range of motion).



Thank yourself and finish the ritual with diaphragmatic breathing to help move lymph fluid through the thoracic duct. Don’t forget to hydrate by drinking plenty of water, and to make space for mindful movement to further support lymph flow.


Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant.

Keep out of reach of children. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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