How to do the Sculpt & Glow Facial by De La Heart

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Our facial protocol combines the ancestral practices of Ayurvedic dry brushing, Gua Sha facial massage from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and lymphatic drainage principles. The result is a holistic facial treatment that gently exfoliates, deeply hydrates and supports detox flow. Skin looks lifted, sculpted and glowing with health—and results improve with consistency.




First, we “awaken” the lymphatic system by gently massaging the lymph nodes in your collarbone, neck, and jaw. This step prepares the lymph nodes to receive and dispose of the fluid we’ll be moving.
#1 Gently stimulate the right and left supraclavicular lymphatic nodes at the base of your neck just above the collarbone. Press lightly down and outward toward the shoulders. Next, using both your palms, pulse the skin gently as you stroke downward towards the collarbone.
#2 Split your fingers into a ‘V’ shape and place them between your ears. Gently massage back and downward to stimulate the retroauricular lymph nodes of the ear.
#3 Make sure to use a light touch. The lymph nodes are located close to the surface, so there’s no need to use intense pressure. Gentle is best.


In Ayurveda, dry brushing has long been practiced to stimulate the flow of energy (prana) and blood circulation throughout the body. Dry brushing supports the movement of lymph fluid, boosts microcirculation, and also exfoliates without the need for harsh chemicals. The friction created by the bristles sweeps away dead skin cells and reveals fresh, radiant skin underneath. By removing this layer of dead cells, you also improve the absorption of skincare products and encourage cell turnover.
Use The Facial Dry Brush to perform the ritual. The soft, flexible bristles are specifically designed for delicate facial skin.
Brush in gentle downward motions to move fluid towards the supraclavicular lymph nodes.
Brush from the center of your chin, along the jawline, toward the ears. Now move your brush up slightly and brush over the cheekbones, working upward and outward. Repeat on both sides.
Brush from the bridge of the nose up to the forehead. Then, starting in the center of the forehead, brush up, out, and down the neck towards the supraclavicular lymph nodes. Repeat on each side of the forehead.
Use extra-gentle pressure to brush the undereye area, moving from nose to temples.
When finished, cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser, rinse and pat dry.


Hydration is a key part of the Ayurvedic daily self-care routine known as dinacharya. This step helps to soothe and balance the body and mind, and also prepares the skin for Gua Sha. We use Organic Jojoba Oil because it has a unique molecular structure that’s similar to the natural oil (sebum) produced by our skin—making it ideal for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone.
Organic Jojoba Oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, copper and zinc, and functions as an antioxidant to protect skin against free radical damage. It can “signal” to the sebaceous glands that they do not need to produce more oil, thereby helping to balance oil levels. It is non-comedogenic and also helps to soothe inflammation, boost elasticity and help strengthen skin’s barrier. Always choose cold-pressed, organic formulas, which retain the maximum amount of nutrients.  
Warm up a few drops of oil in your hands and gently “pat and press” onto your client’s face and neck.
This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique involves “scraping” the skin with a smooth-edged tool to improve circulation, release tension and promote healing. We have combined this ancestral practice with lymphatic drainage principles drawn from traditional Colombian therapies, in order to support the movement of lymph fluid and sculpt facial contours. This ritual helps to detox, de-puff, energize and give the face a naturally lifted appearance.
Practice the Gua Sha ritual using light, gentle pressure, with either the White Jade or Stainless Steel Gua Sha. Hold your tool so it’s almost flat to your face and do 3-5 strokes per area. Before beginning, make sure your face is well-hydrated. If needed, apply more Organic Jojoba Oil now and at any time during the treatment, to allow the Gua Sha tool to glide smoothly without pulling or tugging.
Make sure to check your tool for any chips or breakage before use.
Use the long, curved edge to move along your  jawline, from the center of the chin toward your ear, to help release tension.
Start at the nose and use the long, curved edge sweep over the cheekbones, toward your client’s ears, to promote a sculpted look.
Use the flat or short edge to glide from the inner corner of the eyes to the temples, to help de-puff and move stagnant fluid. Use extra-gentle pressure on this delicate area.
Start at the center of the forehead and use the long edge to gently glide upward toward the hairline. Then, use the flat or short edge to glide from the center of the forehead toward the temples, working along the browbone and all the way down to the neck. 
If you would like a fuller-looking lip contour, you can gently glide the comb or short edge over lips to boost circulation, for an instantly plumper look. 
After completing the Gua Sha ritual, cleanse and rinse the skin. Follow with Vibrant Rose Water Mist to refresh and soothe the skin, then apply a light layer of Organic Jojoba Oil for added hydration and glow.
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