Travel: Coba, Ancestral Beast.

If you're familiar with the Coqui Coqui brand, then you know the very chic founders, Nico and Francesca, take the Yucatan Peninsula as their inspiration for a collection of understated luxury hotels, clothing, and fragrances all the way from Tulum to Merida. Many years ago I visited their property in Tulum-- beautiful, chic, and magical. Since then I have not only fallen in love with the Yucatan Peninsula, but I've developed a connection with the magic of this country, its land, and its people. I've made it a point to visit Yucatan at least once a year and consequently the Coqui Coqui properties. 

In my search for a luxurious and understated Mexican hideaway, I found Coqui Coqui Coba Residence & Spa hotel, a five-room hideaway among the Mayan ruins in the jungle of Yucatan. Coba, is a small town located on the east side of the Peninsula, this former Mayan oasis is now home to only 1600 inhabitants all direct Mayan descents. This residence is the most atmospheric of them all, built in the middle of the jungle with an unrestricted view of the lagoon and the magnificent Mayan Pyramid of Papolchac.  

The Coqui Coqui property resembles the ancient design of the Mayan temples.  A majestic stone staircase runs up the front of each of the two towers which are connected by a rope bridge strung between the two towers of the property. The two plunge pools follow a similar aesthetic. This jungle hideaway will bring you into a relaxed state like no other. Please note that there are no TVs, limited WiFi, and only a few electric outlets. 

Guests dine at a communal "Cafeteria" with a limited, homemade, but insanely delicious menu using ingredients sourced from the property’s organic garden and fish pond. The natural focus continues at the spa, which is what they're known for. I went for the Mayan exfoliation and massage using honeys from the property. Best I've ver had! It is the ultimate jungle hideaway equipped with all the understated luxuries that you require for your perfect getaway.
If you want to stay fit, they got you. Beautiful spaces to practice yoga or pilates. You can also rent bikes to go around the lagoon and the pyramids. And if you're not sold yet, its only a 40 min drive to Tulum and Valladolid. I will be coming back!
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