5 Ways to Keep Making Money While in Quarantine

Coronavirus has us worried about everything from our immune system and mental health, to our bank accounts and bills. But before your cortisol levels start to creep up, take a deep breath, and remember: you got this.

Although the pandemic is affecting everyone on all levels, us small business owners are as savvy as we are resilient. Quarantine doesn't mean we have to come to a standstill. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Now is the time to buckle down and get creative. We're seeing small businesses and start ups of all sizes come up with awesome ways to keep the momentum going. As long as you keep pivoting, you won't hit a plateau. Stick around to read up on some ways you can keep the cash flowing in! Who knows, you might get inspired and come up with a few unique ways of your own.

1. Gift Cards: Whether your small biz is service or product based, setting up a Gift Card system is an easy way to encourage your customer base to support you during this time. Let them know their Gift Card won't expire until the end of the year, and that they can choose to pre-pay a future service for themselves or gift it to a friend. 

2. Virtual Consultations: Everyone is craving connection right now. Take your talents online and go digital! Even if you believe your service isn't ideal for a virtual consultation, think again. Virtual one-on-one consultations are the perfect way to keep providing your services in a safe manner during quarantine. 

3. At-Home Kits: We've seen these popping up everywhere -from restaurants to hair salons- and we love the idea. You can essentially create any sort of at-home kit that's available for pick-up/delivery, or can be shipped. Local restaurants are putting together meal kits you can buy and then prepare at home without any of the guess work. Hair salons are crafting kits that'll allow you to touch up your locks while waiting it out at home. Get creative, we'd love to see more of these!

4. E-Books: For those tech-savvy millennials, you can take advantage of all this extra free time by developing a short e-book. It can be a lifestyle guide with lots of visuals, a collection of recipes, an in-depth tutorial, anything really. Of course think of what makes sense for your industry, but also consider what actually might be helpful to your ideal client during this time. Be relevant and practical with your offer.

5. Donation Based: When in doubt, go for a donation based system. We know it can be uncomfortable to deliberately sell when you know others are struggling too. Instead, offer clients the option to support your small business with a donation of any amount. You can host an IG Live offering tips and tricks, or simply upload some content sharing your story. There's no wrong way as long as you are genuine and it comes from the heart.

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