We Can, We Will, We Must.

The main goal of De La Heart is to bring light, hope, and positivity to people’s lives through all things health, wellness, and beauty. It’s also a space where I share all things from my heart, no matter how heavy.

It could not be a more challenging time, with a raging pandemic, a faltering economy, and deepening divisions around the world. I’ve been quiet, I’ve been listening, and I’ve been learning. It is more than clear that these dividing forces disproportionately affect the African-American communities and other communities of color. That needs to change, as do embedded systemic patterns of racial injustice. I’ve been forced to check myself and revisit where I’ve stood and where I stand on this issue. I can’t say that I feel the same pain because I realize that I observe this reality from a place of privilege. Though it is way bigger than me, I’m a part of it—by action or by inaction.⁣

With the gift of motherhood comes responsibility—we have the present and future in our hands. The present is now and we have to get to work.

Black lives matter. Black voices matter.⁣ Black life matters.

We have and will support the fight to end racial inequality and injustice. I am personally committed to doing more than I have in the past. Let’s use our voice, our partnerships, and our influence to press for diversity and equality. As a collective, we must support and protect each other, as we are one human race. 

We’ve created a roundup of resources to assist in educating and inspiring you to take action beyond social media. This is a simple starting place, as we have a personal responsibility to hold ourselves, our family, and our friends accountable.⁣

This is big, dedicated work—it won’t happen overnight but we can start now. Get started, go slow, and open your heart to change. Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Make sure they all align. Do the work for yourself and for others. Don’t look away. Don’t stay silent. Register to VOTE. Choose love, always. 🖤⁣

with love and gratitude, ⁣
Gigi xx

Leaders To Follow
Organizations You Can Contribute To
Actions To Take
  • Make sure you, your family, your friends, etc. are registered to vote
  • Sign the petition by Color of Change | @colorofchange
  • Call Minneapolis District Attorney, Mike Freeman (612) 348-5550
  • Call Minneapolis Mayor’s Office, Jacob Frey (612) 673-2100
  • Text “FLOYD” to 55156
  • Text “JUSTICE” to 668366
Books To Read

Films To Watch

  • Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap
  • 13th
  • When They See Us
  • Time: The Kalief Browder Story
  • Crime+Punishment

Podcasts to Hear

  • Still Processing
  • 1619
  • Code Switch
  • Pod Save the People
  • All My Relations
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