Wake up with Gigi

Starting your morning with self-care sets the tone for the rest of your day! And don’t stress if you’re the type who’s always pressed for time—it’s actually quick and simple to incorporate these mini wellness rituals into your a.m.routineYou’ll feel energized, centered and ready for a beautiful dayLet’s get started!


Beginning every day with a glass (or two!) of cool or room temperate water has multiple wellness benefits. First, it helps balance your lymphatic system by flushing away toxins. Staying hydrated also helps your skin retain elasticity and increase blood flow, giving your skin a radiance boost throughout the day. Finally, drinking water on an empty stomach can help kickstart your metabolism. Need a little motivation to start this healthy habit? “I find that when I pour my morning water into a beautiful glass, it instantly becomes more of a self-care ritual—and I’m more motivated to drink up!” Gigi says. “I love these gorgeous glasses from Ann Sandra.” 


Sure, longer meditation sessions are beneficialbut if you’re trying to get yourself (or your little ones!) out the door, finding the time for a lengthy session can just end up stressing you out. “For meit’s just as helpful to do a mini meditation session to center my mind before the day gets going,” Gigi says. “After I have my morning water, I like to read a daily meditation from this book by Melody Beattieand set my intention for the day. It only takes a fewminutes, and it helps me start my morning with reflection and a sense of peace.”


What you eat for your first meal can have a big impact on your cravings and energy levels for the rest of the day. “I always start my day with green juice, and it’s had such a positive effect on my body and my mind,” Gigi says. “My favorite combination is celery, cucumber and lemon. These are all alkaline foods that help cleanse and detoxifyPlusthey have natural prebiotic benefits, so they help balance your microbiome and make sure you have essential good bacteria in your gut.” Read more about how a morning green juice ritual can stave off cravings, keep your mind sharp and help your skin glow here


Along the same lines as a quick meditation session, a “snack size” workout ritual can give you a lasting energy boost (and get you out of the door in time)! “I created ourLove Your Body Resistance Bands so that anyone can squeeze in a quick workout anytime, if they’re at home or traveling,” Gigi says. Use them to quickly tone arms, legs, core and booty, stepping up the resistance level as you gain strength. Need a simple morning wake-up ritual? Place a resistance band above your knees and do 16 jump squats, then place it around your feet and do 16 marchesYou’ll boost blood flow and support your lymphatic system, and give your skin instant glow. 


If you woke up a little puffy, there’s no need to worry. A few minutes of self-care with our Stainless Steel Gua Shatool will cool, refresh and soothe your skin. The gentle massage action boosts circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system, helping to de-puff and drain excess fluid. It also releases tension in your facial muscles, whichsmooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Prep with your favorite facial oil and perform your gua sha ritual for 3-5 minutes. “I store my Stainless Steel Gua Sha in the fridge, so it feels extra cooling on my skin,” Gigi says. “It’s like an instant wake-up call for my skin.”
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