Sophisticated, Curated, Cool: POOL LabShow

Sophisticated, curated, cool. Three words that come to my mind as we walk through the doors of POOL LabShow. A luxury multi-brand fashion store, located in the heart of Coral Gables, that opened its doors in 2016 showcasing only European and contemporary fashion labels. Beatriz Carrillo, co-founder and creative director of POOL LabShow, moved to Miami from Madrid and spotted the need for innovative, exclusive and polished styles in the local fashion market. 
 Thanks to Carrillo’s vision we can now find in Miami some of our favorite European labels like: Muuñ, Nanushka, Forte Forte, La Condesa, Maria La Rosa, and many more. The carefully curated selection consists of lines that take pride in the usage of the finest fabrics, sustainable resources and production, and hand-made and artisanal details. 

This is one of Paula Collarte’s, our fashion expert and stylist, favorite stores and a true hidden gem. “The designs are pure, essential, filled with emotions, and an investment piece to compliment your wardrobe” says Collarte. End of summer shopping spree with Paula? Yes and Yes! Follow @paulaco_style for more fashion finds. xx
Paula wearing Nanushka.
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