Our Favorite Dairy-Free Alternatives

A new week calls for a fresh start in the kitchen! This year marks my 13th year being dairy-free. When I first started on this journey, there weren't many options or information on how not to miss out on the delicious punch that dairy brings to many of our favorite dishes. Now, there are so many great dairy-free options at the store that I don't miss having dairy at all! With a bit of de la heart guidance, you too can make the transition & not have to sacrifice the taste. This week I share my favorite dairy substitute staples that are ALWAYS well-stocked in my fridge! If you're curious about changing your kids' diet to a more plant-based route, my little girl Shiva, has also taken an immense liking to these products. Below are our favorite plant-based dairy substitutes.
  • 1) Harmless Harvest Yogurt - This has to be THE BEST plant-based yogurt I've ever had. It's flavorful, low in sugar, & tastes like a natural version of dairy-based yogurt. The texture is unique because of its coconut base & it's available in various flavors that my entire family loves. It's also an excellent alternative for those with a nut allergy. A de la heart tip: Blend with a frozen banana for some dairy-free nice cream! Check out the recipe here.
  • 2) Forager Milk & Yogurt - Another favorite at my house! If you aren't a fan of coconut, I highly suggest the Forager brand for some nut-based milk & yogurt. They use a cashew base for their products, making them rich in healthy fats & great to use in recipes that call for high fat, plant-based ingredients. A de la heart tip: Froth a little bit of this high-fat milk with a teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee for a latte that will turn your brain on from the first sip taken!
  • 3) CocoYo Yogurt - This version of the coconut yogurt is my recommendation for my friends out there struggling to find their probiotics in their plant-based products. GT's Living Foods created this unique concoction of coconut meat & probiotics to satisfy your tangy taste buds. Think of this as greek yogurt, but better. A de la heart tip: Try replacing your usual parfait with a scoop of this yogurt, granola & fresh berries.
  • 4) Kite Hill Cream Cheese - Who doesn't love a bagel with cream cheese!? This version of creamy goodness by Kite Hill is by far the best plant-based cream cheese I've EVER had. My favorite is the one with chives in it! You can have it with crackers, toast, on a sandwich, or even with some chopped veggies. A de la heart tip: Try a french omelet with a generous serving of this yummy goodness inside for the ultimate breakfast.


Comment below if there are any plant-based goodies that I missed or must try! We'll share on the 'gram, so keep an eye out & continue to tag us @delaheart, #selfloveclub for a chance to be featured on our social channels.
With love & natural beauty,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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