Manifest Like A Boss in 2021

The epic failure of my vision board in 2020 made me reevaluate the actual power behind the vision board, and it inspired me to try something new to manifest my goals for 2021. After doing a little research I stumbled upon something called an "Execution Board", a term coined by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick aka @theskinnyconfindential, which calls for a board that shows exactly what you want to design and how to go get it. "Not only are you manifesting what you want to build, you’re seeing it right in front of you, visually, every single day" says Evarts. 

This "execution board" really resonated with me as I'm a fan of micro goals. Micro goals are a way of breaking down bigger, long-term goals into mini-goals or sub-goals. Though a long-term goal may be specific (“I want to get a job in my field of study within 3 months of graduation”), a micro goal is ultra-specific goal, allowing you to check off a box in the short-term future. That's kinda how Lauryn's execution board works. You think big and start small.

Goals are cute and stuff, but this year my focus is how I'm going to get them done, and this is what my execution board will help me with. Crafting a strategy to go after my goals, and not simply envisioning that all these amazing things I dream of are going to magically appear in my life. And I absolutely LOVE this. 
I hope to inspire you to get very creative and specific when crafting your execution boards this year. Let's go get them! xo, Gigi 
STEP ONE: Get A Poster Board. An execution board is what you want to design, right there on paper. When beginning to design your poster board, collect things that inspire you to execute your vision. It might be textures, fabrics, images you printed out on Pinterest, whatever it is, just start to create the image and goal in front of you.
STEP TWO: Write Down Your Goals. Write down all your goals with the systems to make that goal a reality. For example, If your goal is to launch a blog, underneath that goal, write what you’re going to do to make that happen. Get micro with it & be specific. No matter how small or big, write down the goal & the small steps you need to take to get you there.
STEP THREE: Change Your Mindset. This is the most important part of the recipe for success. Tony Robbins states  “your mental and emotional state colors your perception and experience of everything in life. If you feel afraid or insecure, it’s hard to make a big change, but if you feel like a million bucks, you’re ready to conquer the world.” Make sure to pay attention to your thoughts, visualize your future and to stay on track with your goals and intentions. 
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