Make The Most Of The Energies: Leo Season

Happy August, Natural Beauties!
As we find ourselves in the peak of Leo Season, it’s important to remember to embrace the positivity, creativity, and playful energies that this time brings. 
Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, and when the sun is in the house of Leo, positive mindsets and creative energies may come more naturally. That being said, it’s important to still ground ourselves in routine and pay close attention to our emotional states. This is a great time for intention setting, journaling, and establishing new routines that will stick with you for the rest of the year. 

Here are five ways you can make the most of the energies of Leo season:
  1. Keep your inner sun and spirit shining during this time, and use the positive energies of the season to light yourself up — practice a daily affirmation or mantra (maybe in a journal, I’m currently loving @futureselfjournal) to start your day on a light and positive note.
  2. Harness the creative energy of this time to tap into a new passion (or reignite an old one!). Maybe it’s painting, cooking, or your favorite dance workout class. 
  3. Allow yourself the time and space to truly relax. Unwind at the end of the day with our Bath Therapy for an Open Heart, which soothes both your muscles and your soul. 
  4. Soak up the energies of the sun — go play outside! Just remember to properly protect yourself, like with our Wide Brim Visor
  5. Nurture your personal relationships and practice love — with others, and with yourself. 
With love, 
Gigi & the De La Heart Team 
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