Made With Love & Care In Colombia

I recently visited my hometown in Colombia, and while I was there, I visited all of the woodworking ateliers where The Body Massage Tool is made. It was an amazing experience, and I wanted to share some highlights and tell you a little more about what goes into the creation of our signature self-care tool. 


Small batch & hand-crafted 
I designed the Body Massage Tool with a custom-curved shape to help you easily perform your lymphatic drainage massage ritual, and the artisans at our woodworking ateliers in Colombia bring my design to life with love and care. They make every tool by hand, letting the natural beauty of the 100% ivory wood shine through. We sustainably source our wood and each piece is unique, with a beautiful color and natural wood grain all its own—giving you the highest-quality custom tool that’s made for life. 

Giving back to the local community
We support the local community by creating jobs, and I’m proud to say that we work with inclusive woodworking ateliers located across Colombia. These ateliers employ people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and provide the training they need. We value inclusivity, and it feels good to give back to the country that birthed me. 

Working toward a more sustainable future
We source sustainable wood from the Colombian and Brazilian Amazon, and in 2023 we will start working with a variety of reforestation non-profits in Colombia. These organizations are dedicated to restoring the health of our forests and reversing biodiversity loss, decontaminating the soil and water, as well as reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment through carbon sequestration, which helps to reduce global climate change.

Lifting Up Others
One of our goals is to address conditions of poverty, support entrepreneurship and help those in need. We provide community members with trees and plants that yield fruits and vegetables, which they can then sell to local markets to increase their income and pave the way for a better future.

Thank you for being a conscious shopper & choosing De La Heart!

with love, Gigi V.

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